Partnership Notebook


1NT: Responses



Artificial Interference: Lebensohl modifications:

unknown suit or suits: if auction will return to responder at the 2-level, responder may pass and use Lebensohl at second opportunity. if 3rd hand passes the relay, opener must double.

Two suiters:
one suit known - key on the known suit
two suits known - one suit is a major - key on the major; if at some point responder has a choice of cuebids at the 3-level (Stayman), cue suit with best stuff
both major suits -
H cue shows H honor (if 2H, invitational only)
S cue shows S honor (if 2S, invitational only)
2NT shows honors in both majors
3NT denies major honors


NT: Defenses

Kirby for Big Overcall (17-20)

Splinter Warning

A jump reverse to a 1NT response to a minor suit opening shows a splinter and is a suggestion for 3NT if the 1NT bidder has the suit comfortably stopped.


Weakness Signal After a Reverse

By a Responder who bid a suit at his first call: the cheaper of 2NT or fourth suit following a reverse by opener is a weakness signal and may be passed by opener.


Minor Suit Auctions:

NT Response Ranges
6-10 1N
11-12 2N (denies 4 card support for the minor)
13-14 Two Step, either single raise or 2C over 1D; then 3N
15-17 3N

Every Suit Up the Line Auctions (1C-1D-1H)
1S Natural
2S Artificial 4SF
3S Splinter

After Single Raise of a minor, Opener's Rebids:
2 Major: Shows stoppers; denies stoppers in the other major
2NT: Shows stoppers in both majors, tends to deny clubs
3 agreed minor or 3C if D is agreed minor: denies stoppers in either major

1D - 2C Auctions.
Opener's rebids similar to rebids to Single Raise of the Minor, except that 2 of a major is more likely to show a suit.

Splinter warning: If opener's rebid is a major and responder's next bid is 4 of either minor, it is a splinter in support of opener's major even if it is into opener's original suit.

New Minor Forcing Modifications:

1. Holding 4H and 3S, show the 4 in the unbid major above showing 3 card support for S.
2. Do not jump to 3 of responder's major with a maximum. Jump is invite, not maximum.
3. 2S immediately over 1NT is weak.
4. A 2S rebid by the nmf bidder over a 2D or 2H response shows 6+ and is invitational.


Competitive Auctions

A 2-level response to an opening bid after an overcall is the equivalent of a standard american 2-over-1, i.e. 10+; it is forcing for one round, but NOT forcing to game. subsequent bidding by responder can easily serve as a further force (e.g. a new suit or a cue-bid).