Rome - Vega Convention Card


General Approach: Roman Vega 2/1 Game Force

No Trump

1NT: 15-17; Stayman, Jacoby, Texas, Slow Lebensohl!, 2NT Natural and Invitational
2S!= Minor Suit bust. Opener Transfer to 3C, Responder Pass or Correct to 3D, Opener may show a pref for D by relaying to 2NT
Stayman then Minor after 2D! is Sign-Off
3C, 3D: 6+ in C, D. Invitational to game in NT or respective minor.
3H!, 3S!: 6+ in C, D. Forcing to game in NT or respective minor.

2NT: 20-21; Stayman, Jacoby, Texas, 3S!
3S!= Minor Suit bust. Opener Transfer to 4C, Responder Pass or Correct to 4D, Opener may show a pref for D by relaying to 3NT

3NT: Gambling


Suit Openings

Major Openings - Expected Min. Length 5+
Double Raise Limit, Double Raise after Overcall or Double Weak!
Jacoby 2NT
1NT Forcing
3NT 16-17 w/2 to 3 card support
Reverse Drury: 3rd and 4th Seats

Minor Openings - Expected Min Length 4+ in D, 3+ in C. 4432 open 1D; 4333 open 1C
Inverted Minors!-Double Raise Weak at all times, Single Raise Forcing
Direct NT bid denies 4 card major; 1NT: 6 to 9, 2NT: 10 to 11, 3NT: 12 to 13


2 Level Openings

2C: 22+ HCP or 8+ Playing Tricks.
Calls for Jacoby Step responses; 2D: 0-3 hcp, 2H: 4-7, 2S: 8-11; 2NT: 12+

2D, 2H, and 2S Openings: Weak; 5 to 11 hcp.
Raise only non-forcing Response
2NT calls for Reverse Ogust step responses;
3C: weak suit & 5 to 8 hcp,
3D: strong suit & 5 to 8 hcp,
3H: weak suit & 9-11 hcp,
3S: strong suit & 9-11 hcp


The Rest of the Card

Other Conventional Calls: Weak Jump Shifts Always, New Minor Forcing, 4th Suit Forcing to Game

Special Doubles: Neg thru 3S, Responsive Thru 3S, Support X and XX thru 2H, Lightner (Lead Directing) vs. Slam Bids

NT Overcalls: 15-18 Systems On. Lebensohl!. Balancing 12-14. Unsusual 2NT: 2 Lowest Unbid

Simple Overcall: 8-16 usually, New Suit Non-forcing Constructive, Jump Raise weak!, Cue in response: 1 Round Force

Defense vs. NT: Mod. Cappeletti. 2C shows one suiter in D, H or S only. 3C is one-suiter in C. 2NT both minors. X is nat.

Jump Overcall: Weak. Responses are same as to Weak 2 Bids.

Opening Preempts: Light (Rule of 2-3-4)

Over Opp's TO X: New Suit Forcing at 1 Level. Jump Shift Weak. XX implies no fit unless Support XX. 2NT=Limit Raise over Majors

Direct Cuebid: Michaels

vs. Opening Preempts Double is Takeout thru 4H. X of 4S is penalty. 4NT is takeout to 4S preempt.

Slam Conventions: Gerber. RKC 0314.
DOPI and ROPI over all step responses (includes Rev. Ogust and Jacoby Step)

Defensive Carding: Upside Down Count and Attitude. Lavinthal discards vs. NT; Odd/Even vs. Suit Contracts.
Primary Signal to partner's lead is Attitude unless obvious switch situation, then Suit Preference