How to Show Big Balanced Hands in Suction


The rule: a suction double followed by

a) NT at the cheapest level shows 17-20 balanced;

b) double is a repeat t.o. for H&C;

c) 3C shows longer C than H.


the same principles apply throughout suction. e.g.

1NT 2S 2NT P

3C ?

double is a repeat t.o. and 3D shows longer D than S. what would 3NT be? pbly a gamble -- at least one solid suit, about 7-8 running tricks and hoping to stop clubs. pd can remove if he has no help.


another example:

1NT 2D 2H P

P ?

double is a repeat t.o. (w/ hearts, pass and enjoy). 2S shows at least 5 good, like AKJxx and some other stuff. 2NT must show a big hand with 5-5 blacks that will produce 9 tricks. 3C pbly shows only 4 spades and 6+ good clubs.


the general principle is that double is always a repeat t.o. if the opps wander into our suit, they pbly don't know it so don't tell them.