Responses to 1NT

4144 and 1444 Hands


Begin with Stayman. Then,

1) If opener names the major we hold, splinter in the short major (if looking

for 7, you may double splinter to show a void).

1NT 2C or 1NT 2C

2H 3S or 4S* 2S 4H or 5H*

2) If opener bids the wrong major, responder bids the major he holds.

1NT 2C or 1NT 2C

2H 2S* 2S 3H*

If opener now bids a minor (setting trump), responder bids his short

major if void. Any other bid (e.g. a cuebid of another suit) confirms a

singleton in the short major.

3) If opener has no major, responder bids 2S, showing 4-4 in the minors with

an as yet undisclosed major suit singleton (or void). If opener bids a

minor (setting trump for slam investigation), responder bids: 1st step = H

sing; 2nd step = S sing; 3rd step = H void; 4th step = S void