Guy Germer

Manager, Instructor, Director



Pat Harrington

Head Instructor

The Naples Bridge Center is pleased to welcome its newest bridge teacher; Pat Harrington. Since her birth in Albany, New York, Pat has lived in the chilly Northeast. In 1998, she and her husband Paul decided to enjoy the warmth and sunshine of full time residency in Fort Myers.

Pat has been involved in the ACBL's teaching program since its inception in 1986, wearing several hats concurrently. She has been a teacher, a teacher-trainer in the TAP program, and author of the Play 'n' Learn series in the ACBL Bulletin. Her most recent project for the ACBL was the Club Play course which provides practice sessions following the Club Series course for beginners. Pat also serves as the Business Secretary and Treasurer for the American Bridge Teachers' Association. Before going into Bridge as a profession, Pat taught math at the secondary and community college levels. She finds bridge teaching a lot more fun.

While teaching up North, Pat developed several courses for her students and now hopes to share them with her Naples students. She and Paul began a weekly lesson game in Albany which grew from a game for 0-5 point players into a training ground for future Life Masters. The hardest part of leaving Alabny was turning that game (which had grown to over twenty tables) over to a friend. Pat keeps in touch with many of her old students via e-mail and bridge on the Internet.

Pat's mother taught her the rules and play bridge in the early seventies. After reading Sheinwold's Five Weeks to Winning Bridge and making friends with a duplicate player, Pat promptly turned around and taught her mother the real rules. Another thing which makes living in florida so exciting is that the friend who introduced Pat to duplicate (and changed her life) now lives in nearby Nokomis.

In addition to bridge, Western Square Dancing is a favorite hobby of the Harringtons, and they have met many wonderful people through both activities. They look forward to expanding their circle of friends at the Naples Bridge center.


Carol LaBarge

Head Director


John Blashill


A Bronze Life Master, John is a familiar figure in our club. Born in Cincinnati, he was an Editor and Correspondent for Time Magazine for over 20 years. In addition to being the first and only Bullfight Columnist for Sports Illustrated, John has written for Life Magazine, Fortune and the Reader's Digest.

John has lived in eight countries and speaks four languages. John moved to Naples in 1993 from the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, where he had a small bridge club. He has also served in executive goverment posts and was the communications coordinator for the team that developed the Canada-US Free Trade Area, a precursor of NAFTA.

John began playing bridge at Denison University in Ohio. He syas that he should have majored in it, as he spent more time at the bridge table than in study hall. "Finally," he says, "I'm getting some sue out of my college education."

John has five children scattered between Quebec and the American West, with two grand-daughters, located in Virginia and Santa Cruz.


Joyce Krout