February 2000

Special Events
An Open Pairs for the benefit of the ACBL Junior Fund was held on February 22nd. Dorothy Coakley and Jim Hostetler placed first overall, earning 6.5 masterpoints for the effort. Joel Hamburger and John Simons placed second overall. Also in February was the ACBL Wide Senior Open Pairs. Myran and Mary Sauer received 5.33 masterpoints for their first place showing, second place went to Dorothy Coakley and Jim Hostetler.

Club Leaders
In regular club play (excluding special events) during the month of February, top honors went to Myran Sauer who earned 12.24 master points during the month. Also earning more than ten masterpoints during February were Fred Horowitz (12.29), Jim Hostetler (12.17), Donald Sun (11.53), Carol Warner (11.28), Margaret Miller (10.27), Helen Grasfelder (10.20) and Herbert Darmstadter (10.04).


March 2000

Club Leaders
Dwight Searcy topped the masterpoint list for club play during March with a whopping 17.17 masterpoints earned during the month. In the two months that the Bulletin has been tracking this list, that sets a record. Also with impressive showings during March were Myran Sauer (16.60), Jim Hostetler (15.99), Carol Warner (15.65), Mary Sauer (11.79), Richard Gitter (11.78), Dorothy Coakley (11.58), Fred Horowitz (11.24), Helen Grasfelder (10.98), Peg McIntire (10.51) and Doris Currier (10.10).

Club Championship
On March 13th, thirty and one-half tables showed for the Club championship. Judy Friedman and Mort Klein earned 6.83 masterpoints for their first place finish. Bob Logan and Howard Logan received 5.12 masterpoints in the runner-up spot. On March 19th, an Open Pairs game for ACBL Membership attracted twenty tables. Myran and Mary Sauer picked up 4.50 masterpoints for first place, with Eloise Curie and Marilyn Mora garnering 3.38 for second.

St. Patrick's Pro-Am
Held on Friday night, March 17th, the St. Patrick's Pro-Am Party was a huge success. There were 45 individuals who enjoyed a delicious corned beef and cabbage feast, prepared by Carol LaBarge. Even though the most of the "Ams" had a life master for a partner, it was a pair of non-life-masters: Erich Nasti and Richard Gitter, who came in 1st over-all with a 70% game. Everyone agreed it was a "fun" event: the "Pros" liked being "the authority" and were pleasantly surprised at the quality of their partners' play. The "Ams" often benefited from their partner's expertise. The room was amazingly quiet without any bickering between the partnerships. Other pairs who did well were: Joanne Baccile and Robert Carrier (64%), Dorothy Coakley and Erich Schultz (63%), Mary Sauer and Paul Radgens (61.76%) and Myran Sauer and Tom Gordon (61.76%). Everyone agrees it should be a regular event, to encourage socialization between the club members, and benefit the newer players.


April 2000

Club Leaders
Only Bernie Zions topped ten masterpoints in regular club play during the month of April. Awards were lower due to the smaller games, as our seasonal members began to return to their Northern residences. Other impressive showings were had by Fred Rathgeber (9.03), John Simons (8.32), Doris Currier (8.24) and Jim Hostetler (8.12).

Club Championship
April's Club Championship was taken home by Libby Gooding and Margaret Miller (3.83). Kathleen Hess and Philip Miller finished second (2.87). Also in April were three district wide ACBL Charity games. Peg McIntire and Patricia Heron finished first in the Monday afternoon game (5.50), Anne and Robert Evers were first in the Tuesday evening session (2.83), and Kit Mills and Irene Muth were first in the Thursday afternoon game (3.83).

Ft. Lauderdale Regional
The team of Dorothy Coakley, Jim Hostetler, Gloria Weissman and Joan O'Connell represented the Naples Bridge Center very well at the recent Fort Lauderdale Regional. The team tied for 3/4 in the Second Bracket of the Friday/Saturday Open Knockouts. They followed that impressive showing with a second place finish in Sunday's Senior Swiss Teams, picking up 13 masterpoints. Well done, team.

The Naples Bridge Center had a lock on second place in the Continuous Pairs events. Bob Blum, playing with Shannon Lipscomb, finished second int the Thursday afternoon session of Flight A of the Continuous Pairs II. Thursday evening, Ginny Lifton and Sean Ganness placed second in Flight A in the first session of Continuous Pairs III. Peg DuBois and Andy O'Grady then placed second in Flight A of the Friday afternoon session of Continuous Pairs III. Continuing the tradition, Robert Parlin was second in the B strata of Thursday Afternoon's continuous Pairs II session, and Don Sondegeld was second in the B strata of the Friday session of the Morning Continuous Pairs.

Naples NLM Tournament
John Vega and Maureen Moriarty rode a pair of 65% games to a second overall place finish at the Naples Non-Life Master tournament held recently at the Bridge Club of Southwest Florida. Maureen is from Nokomis and was visiting Naples for the weekend. She played Thursday evening at the Naples Bridge Center and was extremely impressed with the facilities and the friendliness of our members.

Smoky Mountain Regional
The Smoky Mountain Regional was held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee from April 12th through April 18th. Gatlinburg has one of the largest Regionals in the country. This year, almost 6,000 tables were in play over the course of the week.

Bob Blum made quite a splash. Playing with Mark Lair, he picked up 121.67 gold points! That staggering sum made him the 21st overall point winner for the tournament. Gatlinburg is creative in naming its brackets for different groups, such as golf courses, comedians, talk show hosts and breakfast foods. Bob had a 3rd place finish in the Pancake bracket of the Morning knock-outs, a victory in the Jerry Springer bracket of the Saturday/Sunday Open KOs, and a victory in the unnamed top bracket of the Tuesday KOs. We should gather suggestions so that the Tuesday KOs can have catch names as well. Read Bob's article about Gatlinburg in the Articles section of the NBC website.

Also popping up in Tennessee were Shirley Guastella, Dick Provinsal, Roberta Hodge and the Sauers. Myran and Mary Sauer were third in Flight A of the Thursday Open Pairs. Dick placed in two events; fourth in the second bracket of the Dinner Bell KOs and second in the fourth bracket of the Wednesday/Thursday KOs. Shirley was victorious in the third bracket of Friday's morning KOs. Roberta picked up a victory in the third bracket consolation for the same event.


May 2000

Club Leaders
Dorie Currier asserted herself with a strong showing in Club play, picking up 12.75 points in the month of May. Nipping at her heels were John Blashill (11.26) and Joy Schick (10.20).

International Fund Game
The ACBL-wide International Fund game was held on May 11th. Points earned were half-red and half-black. Top honors went to Robert Beckwith and Peggy McIntire, picking up 3.5 masterpoints. Second overall went to Joy and Ron Schick, earning 2.63 masterpoints.

New Silver Life Master
Congratulations to Marshall Schugar, who recently achieved the rank of Silver Life Master. All Gold and Silver Life Masters are listed on the Naples Bridge Center's web page. We are working on adding Bronze Life Masters as well. Marshall evidently grew tired of waiting and took matters into his own hands.

Safety Harbor Regional
Clearwater is the home to the Memorial Day Regional held at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa on Tampa Bay. Recent renovations have made the resort a nice stop on the tournament trail.Clearwater is also the new home of World Champion Eric Rodwell, formerly of Illinois. Eric teamed up with NBC's Virginia Lifton for two Open Pairs events, placing fourth in Thursday's two session event and sixth in Friday's event.

Several other Naples Bridge center members placed in two events at the Regional. Bob Blum, playing with Shannon Lipscomb, was fourth in Monday's afternoon session of Conitinuous Pairs II and sixth in the evening session of Continuous Pairs II. These two strong finishes placed Bob and Shannon first overall for the event.

Julie Van Stone and Dee Krynock also played in the Continuous Pairs event, placing fourth in the Monday morning session. They followed that strong showing with a sixth place finish in the B strata of Tuesday's Senior Pairs. Shirley Guastella placed in both Bracket III of the Bracketed Knock-Outs and then was fourth in the C strata of the Monday Evening Continuous Pairs.

Also placing in safety harbor was Robert Parlin, who placed fourth in the B strata of Sunday's Charity Pairs. Roger Hill and Alice Van Hoesen placed third in Bracket III of the Primetime KOs. Nancy Blurton placed fifth in Bracket IV of the same event.


June 2000

Club Leaders
Dorie Currier continued her hot streak, leading all members with 8.63 Club Masterpoints during the month of June, edging out Fred Rathgeber with 8.60. John Blashill (5.18) was third.

New Top Masters
This must be an Olypic year, as the new Gold and Silver Life Masters are coming in bunches. Ron Schick led the way, becoming a Gold Life Master. Dee Krynock and Julie Van Stone became Silver Life Masters in the same month. This year, bridge will be a demonstration sport at the Olympic Games. NBC members seemed to have started a little early.

Worldwide Matchpoint Game
An international matchpoint game was held at the Club on Saturday, June 3rd. This event was unique in that the field was scored world-wide using the internet. 140 clubs in the US participated. The full field and individual results, along with the hand records and commentary, can be found at:

At the club, Charmaine Powers and Caroline Sydnor took top overall honors, picking up 3.67 masterpoints for a whopping 68% game. Margaret Cole and Randon Randolph were second with a 65% score. Internationally, the results changed. Shirley Dodenhof and Joan Parish, third at the Club, were the highest finishers from the Naples Bridge Center, nabbing 372nd place in the world with 123,377 matchpoints. 372nd may not sound like much, but remember that over 6,500 pairs participated!

Marco Sectional
The Marco Sectional
was held on June 9th to the 11th. Turnout was a little less than last year, but still strong. Especially encouraging were the large Intermediate/Newcomer sections. Here's to building a better future for bridge in Southwest Florida.

The list of excellent performances was lengthy. A complete list of finishers can be found at the new Unit 128 web site:

The fireworks began with the first session on Friday. NBC's own Bob Blum played with Jayne Thomas of Lutz in the afternoon, setting the pace with a 72% game. The overall top led Bob to a third place finish in the point standings with 11.27 silver points.

Saturday belonged to Michael Hogan of Fort Myers and Jan Eric Braathen of Norway. Mike and Jan had played together on OKbridge on the internet, but this was the just the second time that they had played together in person. They earned an overall top in the morning session, matching it with a section top in the afternoon session.

Sunday's Swiss was a nip and tuck affair, with NBC members in the thick of the action. After three rounds, both Shanklin (Chris Shanklin, Joy Schick, Ron Schick, and Jim Hostetler) and Vega (John Vega, John Blashill, Marshall Schugar, Linda Perry and Joe Moriarty) were undefeated.

Shanklin faced Kassay (Mike Kassay, Sandra Gagnon, Si Frome, and Carol Frome), losing a tight match when the Kassay team brought home a tight slam to erase a deficit. The Vega team edged May (Walter May, Bernard Bernstein, Bud Dean, Berhhardt Trout), moving into second overall and earning the right to avenge the honor of the Naples Bridge Center against Kassay.

Unfortunately, the match came down to one hand. Kassay played the hand in Three Diamonds, making five, while Marshall and Linda found the odds-on Three No-Trump contract. Unfortunately, odds-on doesn't mean always, and a misplaced Ace of Diamonds left the contract going down. The hand was a 16 IMP swing, giving Kassay a 6 IMP victory.

Kassay went on to carry the day. The Brown team, from Lee County, moved into second place after the Vega loss. Both Shanklin and Vega won their final matches, with Shanklin taking third and Vega fourth.

The finish allowed John Blashill to score well in the overall standings, finishing tenth with 9.61 silver points. John picked up his other points with Bernie Zions in pairs events. Kudos also to Harold Feuser. The team of Feuser, Ance, Kehoe and Volkheimer placed third in the C strata on Sunday.

Unit 128 Swiss Teams
A special Unit championship Swiss Team event was held on Sunday, June 4th. June was a pretty busy month for bridge in Southwest Florida. Five teams participated. The team of Joyce Makely, Lola Roberts, John Vega and Blance Windsor went undefeated, picking up 2.13 masterpionts for their first place finish.

STaC Week
The Unit 128 Sectional Tournament at Clubs was held from June 12th through the 18th. The overall winner for the Unit was NBC's own Ron Schick, who earned 27.26 silver points for his nice finishes throughout the week. Many of those were earned playing with Joy, who finished tenth overall herself with 18.76 points. The pair picked up an overall top for all of Unit 128 for their game on Friday afternoon. Playing with Sudhakar Bhatt, Ron followed that stellar performance with a second place overall finish for clubs with 7 tables or less on Saturday afternoon.

Other nice finishes include Roger Hill, whose game on Tuesday night with Lena Brown placed him third overall for that session from clubs with seven tables or less. Roger then followed that game by placing third overall in the Thursday evening game playing with Alice Van Hoesen.

July 2000

Club Leaders
Dorothy Coakley led all club players in July, earning 12.87 masterpoints. Joy Shick was second with 7.03 and Dorie Currier was third with 6.93. The top non-life master finish was held by Barry Gold, who picked up 3.23 masterpoints.

Westin Regional
The July 4th Regional was held at the Wyndham Hotel and Spa in Westin again this year. The Wyndham is one of the nicest tournament hotels in Florida and has the bonus of being located a mere eighty miles from Naples, right off of I-75. This tournament is not as well publicized as the February Fort Lauderdale Regional, and fewer NBC members attended than one might have thought.

Jon and Barbara Sedgwick did quite well, placing in multiple events. The Sedgwicks began by placing in Tuesdays Senior Pairs event. They then placed first in the C strata (second in B) in Thursday's Open Swiss and tossed in a third place finish in the third bracket of the Prime Time II Knockouts. Their strong showings netted the Sedgwicks over eleven red masterpoints.

John Vega played in two events with Mark Smith of Tampa. The two had met on OKbridge, but never played together in person. As they played, they discovered that Mark was a classmate of John's sister Lynn while in law school. The pair played in the afternoon Continuous Pairs event on Wednesday, as they wanted the evening free to enter the Board a Match event. John and Mark took first place overall in the pairs event and were joined in the evening for the team game by Milton Frank and Kim Poythress. Their team then won the BAM event, narrowly edging out Linda Perlman, Jeff Hand, George Johnson and Ellen Siebert.

Alice Van Hoesen and Julie Van Stone also played well in the Continuous Pairs event. Team "Van" earned a 5th place finish in the B strata, boosted by a strong showing from Wednesday evening. Also doing well in that event were Ginny Lifton and Joan Volkheimer, who finished third overall Wednesday evening.


August 2000

Anaheim Nationals
The Summer Nationals were held in Anaheim, California this year. Despite the distance, the Naples Bridge Center was there. A most interesting finish occurred on the opening day of the tournament. Thirty-four teams entered Friday evening's Board-a-Match event, with two NBC teams tying for third place!

The all-NBC team was Ron and Joy Schick, Dorothy Coakley, and Jim Hostetler, while Ginny Lifton and Bob Parlin accomplished the same feat while playing with Shirley Seals of Ponte Vedra and Julie Sykes of Palm Coast. Later in the week, Team Schick played very well in the top bracket of the Thursday-Friday Knockouts, fetching a third place finish good for over 23 Gold Points.

Ginny and Bob also continued their fine play throughout the week, scoring a third place finish in the second bracket of the San Diego Knockouts and a fourth place finish in the B bracket of Monday night's Board-a-Match team event.

Also of note was that the State of Florida won Flight A of the Grand National Team event. For the second year in a row, the team captained by Joseph Shay of Ponte Vedra emerged victorious from the fifty state battle. On the Shay team were Bobby Levin, Michael Seamon, Eric Rodwell and Jeff Meckstroth. Shay is a frequent visitor to the October Regional on Marco, so look forward to congratulating him.

Miami Regional
The inaguaral Miami Regional was held at the Miccosukee Resort and Casino from August 21 through August 27. As the Casino remained open all night, it was not unusual to see several bridge players at the Poker tables following the evening session. The results from those sessions put to rest any notion that ability at bridge and ability at poker have anything in common.

It wouldn't have been much of a gamble to guess that Bob Blum would perform well at this Regional. He placed seventh overall in the point standings, winning 49 master points. Bob finished first in the top bracket of the first knock-out, first in the top bracket of the second Primetime knock-out, fourth in Monday's charity pairs, second in Wednesday's Board-a-Match team event and fifth in Thursday's Swiss team event.

Ginny Lifton also scored in multiple events, placing third in the top bracket of the first Primetime KO Teams, second in the Senior Bracketed KO Teams, and fifth in the Thursday Evening Senior Pairs. John Simons and Joyce Krout were on Ginny's Primetime KO team and also picked up a third place finish in the Senior Bracketed KOs. Other NBC members with nice showings included John Vega and John Blashill, who were first in the B strata of Friday evening's Board-a-Match team event.


September 2000

Atlanta Regional
Bob Parlin and John Vega were spotted at the Labor Day Regional held at the Crown Plaza Ravinia in Atlanta. Bob placed third in the second bracket of the Lou Blum Memorial KOs. John played with former Naples resident, Marty Lavine. The pair had consecutive sessions of 56%, 58%, and 66% in the Olympic Continuous Pairs event. The 66% game was an overall top across a field of 72 pairs, and the combined total of their two best games netted John and Marty second place out of the 217 pairs which participated in the event. The strong showing earned over 23 masterpoints and two snazzy T-Shirts.


October 2000

Club Leaders
Dorothy Coakley led all players in regular club masterpoints during October with 8.60. Close behind were Muriel Seegers with 7.51 and Dorie Currier with 7.13.

However, that was just half of the story during October. Several "Club Appreciation" games were sanctioned by the ACBL with enhanced awards. An 11.5 table session was held on October 14, with Herb Darmsteader and Sue Payne taking the top spot and an award of 3.12 masterpoints. Similalrly, an October 31 Club Appreciation fourteen table game was won by Charmaine Powers and Don Sondergeld, winning 3.4 masterpoints each.On October 25, a whopping 41.5 tables showed for that afternoon's club appreciation game. Dwight Searcy and Jim Hostetler took the overall first place award and garnered an impressive 7.37 points.

Marco Island Regional
The Nation's finest bridge players descended into NBC's backyard once again for the Marco Regional during the first week of October. Over 918 players attended, bringing the table count to 1,483. As usual, the members of the Naples Bridge Center left their mark on the event.

Joyce Krout and Marshall Schugar had several strong showings in the morning sessions of the Continuous pairs, winning Thursday's event and placing as the #2 pair overall in the continuous pairs event. Joyce also placed first in the B strata of Saturday's open pairs.

Nancy Lenney, Lola Roberts and Joyce Makely played well, no matter what time of day. The teammates placed second in the third bracket of Monday's KO teams playing with Robert Brand, while also winning the second bracket of the Morning Bracketed KOs playing with George Waddell.

First place finishes for NBC members were not uncommon. Peg DuBois and Claire Miller placed first in Wednesday's Senior Pairs. Karen Abbot and Nancy Blurton won the fourth bracket of Monday's bracketed KO teams. Dorothy Coakley, Jim Hostetler, Dwight Searcy and Fred Rathgeber won the top bracket of Monday's Senior KOs. Dwight was also runner-up in the second bracket of the Prime Time I KO Teams, along with teammates Muriel Seegers, Leo Heifitz and John Vega. Roger Hill, Joy Curtis, Suzanne Fess and Sugar Rubin were champions of the third bracket of the Primetime I KOs.

Bob Blum had several nice finishes, including first in Tuesday afternoon's Continuous Pairs event, third in Monday's charity pairs event and second place in Wednesday evening's Board-a-Match teams along with Ginny Lifton. Friday's BAM event belonged to the Naples Bridge Center; Ron and Joy Schick were on the first place team, while Dorothy Coakley and Muriel Seegers were on the second place team.

New member Don Braley had an interesting tournament, placing in several different events with Jim Eastham of Atlanta. Jim was in contention for Regional Master of the Year race and tried to enter as many events at the Regional as he could. Don and Jim had never met, and played a convention card they quickly worked out between themselves. Jim Eastham ended the year earning 538 masterpoints, winiing the Mini-McKenney by a less than ten masterpoints.

The Regional finished with a double dose of Swiss Team events, Open and Senior. Caroline Sydnor and Charmaine Powers defeated a strong field, taking first place team in the Senior Swiss, while John Simons and Caren Epstein edged out Joanne Duxstad and Shirley Guastella for first place in the B strata of the Open Swiss.

Fort Myers Sectional
A Senior and Non-Life Master Sectional was held in Fort Myers on the weekened of October 20th. John Simons was the fourteenth Leading Masterpoint Winner, placing in three seperate events. The team of Dorothy Coakley, Jim Hostetler, Bunny Horne and William Horne placed second overall in the Open Swiss Teams, while Harold Feuser and Suzanne Williamson placed second in the A strata of Saturday afternoon's NLM Pairs.