"Cuca" Cuban Spring Roll


Shredded Seasoned Beef in a crispy Spring Roll laced with Black Bean and Corn Salsa and drizzled with a Chipolte BBQ Sauce

Roasted Veal Stuffed Portobello


Portobello Mushroom stuffed with Veal, Chourico and Havarti served with a Balsamic Hunter Sauce

Mojo Marinated Grilled Quail


Grilled Quail stuffed with Blue Cornmeal and served with an Ancho Chile Salsa

Crab, Shrimp and Crayfish Tequito


Soft Tortilla stuffed with Seafood Compote, Colby and Jack Cheeses, served with a Husk Roasted Corn Salsa and Vanilla Bean Citrus Sauce

Escargot "Mia"


Large Pasta Shells stuffed with Escargot and a Garlic, Lemon, Basil, Spinach, Cilantro and Pecan Pesto

Smoked Salmon Terrine


Smoked Salmon served with Cream Cheese, Mascarpone, Capers and Chives along with a Champagne Peppercorn Vinaigrette

Garlic and Basil Shrimp with Chourico


Gulf Shrimp and Portuguese Chourico Sausage in a Lemon, Garlic and Basil Sauce

Maine Lobster Macaroni & Cheese


Butter poached Maine Lobster Medallions tossed with a Truffle, Cheddar and Asiago Cheese sauce, served on pillows of Israeli Cous Cous with a Sweet Corn and Fennel Drizzle

New England Style Conch Chowder


with Clams and Roasted Corn

Chef's Soup of the Day