La Soufriere


Southern Basse Terre was cloudy each day during our visit (other than our first day, during which we blindly assumed the weather would hold).As a result, we did not tour La Soufriere.

According to Renault's "Bonjour La Guadeloupe," a road leads most of the way to the summit of this quite tall volcano (1467 meters). From the parking area at Savane a Mulet, a trail circles the summit on a roughly level basis and offers nice views. A complete circuit takes about one and one-half hours.

Almost half way around the summit, a second trail begins, ascending the summit for those who choose to do so. This trail is represented to be about an hour long, and offers spectacular views on a clear day, as well as bubbling sulfur pools and other actively volcanic sights.

For a wonderful first person account of ascending the summit, visit the Civilized Explorer's "Climbing the Volcano" page. The road leading to the parking area and the trail circling the summit are clearly visible in a photo at