Les Mamelles

Early in Colonial French times, it was fashionable to name mountains in the New World after a woman's breasts. The champion was the explorer who named the Grand Tetons. A strong runner up must have visited Guadeloupe and given future generations Les Mamelles.

Les Mamelles are a pair of small mountains located to the north of the Route de la Traversee. About 3/4 of the way across the Route (from East to West), there is a side road to the right. This road twists and turns up the summit of Morne a Louis (743 meters). You will find a large television antenna and a nice view of Les Mamelles as well as surrounding areas. If it's cloudy, you won't have much of a view, as you will probably be in the cloud cover. On a clear day, I recommend this detour, on a cloudy day, bypass it.