Cascade aux Ecrevisses


The Cascade aux Ecrevisses is a lovely waterfall ending in a tropical pool. The water in the pool is quite cool, even in summer, but not too cold for swimming.

The Cascade's greatest asset is also its greatest liability. It is located right on the Route de Traversee, literally a five minute level walk from the parking lot. That fact makes it easy to visit, but also guarantees that you will have no privacy while visiting. The Cascade is Guadeloupe's most visited location, and it's obvious.

That said, it is a pleasure to stop for a view or for a quick dip. A short trail around the right of the waterfall leads to the top. The left side of the waterfall (right if you are on top) is worn smooth from years of erosion, and is a fun slide to a twenty foot drop into the deep pool below. It is also possible to swim through the falls and sit in a cubby hole behind the waterfall while it tumbles in front of you.

Given its location, the Cascade is a nice stop to break up a circuit of either northern Basse Terre or Southern Basse Terre. The person in charge of placing the signs evidently assumed everyone would be traveling from East to West. If you are traveling from West to East, you will probably pass the stop without noticing. If you reach (from West to East) the River Goyave or the town of Vernou, you have gone too far. Turn around, and head back.

From East to West, the sign guy did a good job and you can't miss the Cascade. From the parking lot, follow the trail on the south side of the road (the same side as the parking lot). There is also a short trail on the North side of the road which leads to a lovely picnic area with covered benches.