Diving in Guadeloupe


Diving is Guadeloupe is supposed to be excellent. I haven't done it. Pigeon Island was considered by Jacques Cousteau as one of the ten best dive spots in the world. Of course, as Jacques was French, he may have stretched a little to include a French location.

Pigeon Island is located off the west coast of Basse Terre off of Malendure. Malendure is just South of the western terminus of the Route de la Traversee. The drive would appear to be about an hour from Gosier and an hour and one-half from St. Francois as long as one didn't get hung up in traffic around Pointe-a-Pitre. Several dive companies are located in Malendure.

It would appear that several of the dive companies have english-speaking personnel and web sites. For a complete up-to-date listing, go to www.scubadirectory.com and run a seach for "Guadeloupe." Also check out what Microsoft has to say at it's Expedia page.