Chutes du Carbet

The river Carbet descends La Soufriere, having three spectacular falls of 380, 330 and 60 feet. The river is large, and descends as a torrent into the pools below. The distant photos available on the internet do not give the falls justice.

The second of the falls is easily accessible by car. When circling southern Basse Terre, a road leads to the Chutes which has its beginning near Bananier. The first and third falls are also reached from this parking area, located at the end of hikes of varying lengths. There is a wonderful view of the coastline from an overlook next to the parking area.

A few steps from the top of the parking area, the second fall can be viewed from a distance. A trail leads to its base. The trail has been improved with steps and stairs in many places. However, it is still mildly strenuous and about a 20 minute walk each way. Although the trail rises and falls, it is mostly downhill on the way to the falls and uphill on your return. The trail is slippery in parts, so wear sensible shoes. You may also wish to wear a bathing suit, as there is a large pool at the base of the falls.

Slightly over half way, you will cross the river Carbet on a wire swinging bridge. The bridge offers a wonderful view of the top of the falls. The vertical photo on this page was taken from the middle of the bridge. Once you reach the base of the falls, there will be a large rocky area. Its not a bad spot for a picnic if you are so inclined.

When leaving the parking area, be certain to look to your right as you descend. On a clear day, there will be a wonderful of Les Saintes. Where the side road meets the highway, there is a small restaurant with sandwiches, roasted chicken and a few other specialties. There is also a stand at the parking area which sells water, fruit juices and some sandwiches as well.