Activities in Guadeloupe


Guadeloupe offers a myriad of activities for the visitor who wants more from a Caribbean vacation than lying on the beach (not that Guadeloupe can't fill that need as well). Although a tour of the delightful French cuisine available could be considered an activity, Dining on Guadeloupe is considered separately.

Most scenic areas are located on Basse Terre, the volcanic side of the island where the Parc National is located. However, many impressive cliffs, bluffs and rock formations are located on the limestone Grande Terre as well. Day trips to the offshore islands of Marie Galante and Les Saintes also begin from Grande Terre.

It would be easy to fill a week exploring tremendous waterfalls, swimming in tropical pools, climbing the volcano, deep sea fishing, diving and touring the cliff sides. However, you'll want to spend some time relaxing beachside, so don't plan on seeing all Guadeloupe has to offer in one trip. After all, you'll need to save some sights for your return visit, as well as returning to your favorites.

N. Basse Terre

Grande Anse

Cascade Acomat

Route Traversee

Saut de la Lezarde

Cascade aux Ecrevisses

Les Mamelles


S. Basse Terre


Chutes du Carbet

La Soufriere

Chutes de Moreau


Grande Terre


Porte d'Enfer

Grande Vigie

Pointe des Chateaux