Tasha Tudor

Tasha Tudor is my number one idol. I am not much of a gardener (but I try), I don't have many of her children's books, and my Corgis are Cardigans, not Pembrokes, but I love everything about this dear lady. Most of all I love her lifestyle and her incredible ability to do exact what she wants to do. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting her (and having her autograph my copy of her cookbook) when she was in Historical Williamsburg, Virginia in November a couple of years ago.

I would especially like hearing from other people who are interested in living the simple, old-fashioned lifestyle that Tasha does so well. I am married, 48 years old, with a grown son and daughter. I love spinning, weaving, cooking in my wood-fired brick oven, collecting antiques and historical re-enactment.

If anyone has any links to other relevant websites I'd appreciate hearing about those too.

-- Forest Butera

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