I really did not like this book. It had it's moments, but it was a dreary slog to reach the end. Seemingly pointless violence and nasty events percolate through the book, and it's unsatisfying plot comes to an usatisfying conclusion. Those of you who think that 'different' is automatically 'good' will love this book...the rest of you should consider reading a different novel in the series.

Not Recommended.
Companions: Benny and Ace.

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Bloodheat Eternity Weeps
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Eternity Weeps

After the slog that was Parasite , I was pleasantly surprised by Eternity Weeps. The plot was excellent, imaginative, and held my interest throughout. What kept this book from rating even higher was the characterization of Jason...very, very annoying, and was the only part of the book that made me happy to reach the end. Those who don't like books in which the Doctor doesn't figure very much will not be too happy with this book, but it is a good one, and might be a key one in understanding the upcoming series of Benny books, depending on what happens in the last few Virgin books.

Companions: Benny and Jason, Chris Cwej.

Other books by Jim Mortimore:

Bloodheat Parasite
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