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Last Updated on September 24th, 2000

What might be here: Welcome to my pages. They are devoted primarily to the British TV series "Doctor Who", and to the books based on that series. The series ran from 1963-89, and also inspired 2 movies and 1 made-for-TV movie. In addition to the Target novelizations of the series episodes, there have been several series of new fiction books published. Virgin Publishing published 94 books in the Doctor Who New Adventures and Doctor Who Missing Adventures series, as well as a series of short story anthologies ("Decalogs") and the book "Who Killed Kennedy". As of May 6th, 1997, the rights reverted to the BBC, and they began publishing new fiction in June, as the Doctor Who Books series. Virgin continued the "New Adventures" series, focusing their new stories around Professor Bernice Summerfield-Kane, who was a companion of the 7th Doctor in a number of Virgin's Doctor Who New Adventures, as well as continuing the "Decalog" series. Virgin have ended production of the New Adventures with Benny, but she isn't dead yet, as Big Finish Productions are to continue production of her books.

Free Links! now certified nearly 46% sausage free! They have been divided onto two pages, one of Doctor Who links, and the other of non-Who links.

My first companion page is also up, and is dedicated to Katy Manning, the actress who played Jo Grant, who was the Doctor's companion during seasons 8-10. This page now includes a poll...come on in and vote!

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