Some of my Favorite Places to Visit:

My cousin Rebecca's page...prepare to be dazzled!
Visit Jeff Godin's The Mind's Eye page, the starting point for his family of excellent pages.
Visit the University of Houston's Student Video Network. My friend Nicole is a contributor to this show.
My friend Alryssa of Gallifrey has a page devoted to the classic TV show Randall and Hopkirk(deceased).

Some Newspapers: (These are all free sites, but most do require registration.)

The Times of London newspaper can be reached via this link.
The New York Times newspaper.
The Washington Times newspaper website.
The Washington Post newspaper site.
Visit Australia via The Sydney Morning Herald .
Visit Malaysia via The Star .
The English version of The Japan Times .
The Beijing Review is an English language weekly.
Need new about India? Try India World
The Star and SA Times site is a pool site of several South African papers and the London-based SA Times.
Get Middle East news from the Jerusalem Post

Software sites:

The C|Net site is
Another good one is the Tucows site.
And Windows 95 users should visit .

US Governmental sites:

The US House of Representatives
The US Senate
The US Census Bureau
The Central Intelligence Agency
The Thomas site tracks bills through Congress.
The U.S. Postal Service site.

Some Game sites: (these are not online games)

A very good Advanced Squad Leader site.
Are you a blockhead? If so, visit Columbia Games site, home of the maker of high-quality historical games.
Talonsoft is an award-winning computer game company.
Mayfair Games is another favorite of mine.

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