Katy Manning

Height: 5 foot 0 inches (1.52m)
Hair: Blonde(apparantly colored)
Eyes: Green(?)
Born: Guildford, Surrey, UK, on October 14th, 1948, (or perhaps October 15th, 1951) to journalist J. L. Manning and his wife, Amy.
Children: Twins, Jonathan(J.J.) and Georgina, born 1978, to Katy and Dean Harris.

Much to the disgust of Lalla Ward, Katy posed nude for the men's magazine "Girl Illustrated" in 1978. Wonder what Katy would say about Lalla's performance in the movie "Vampire Circus?"

"Don't Just Lie There, Say Something" (1973)
"Eskimo Nell" (1975)
"The Quest", aka "Frog Dreaming" (1986)

Katy has appeared in a number of theater/stage shows, both in the UK and Australia.

Doctor Who, 1971-73, as the Doctor's assistant, Miss Jo Grant.
She has also appeared in:
"Softly Softly-Task Force" (1970)
"Man at the Top" (1971) as Julia Dungarvon.
"The Golden Road" (Armchair Theatre, 1973)
"A Fit and Proper Person" (1973-4) as Anna (Thames TV)
"Target: Big Elephant" (1977) as Joanne
"VE Night"
"How's Business?" (1979) (BBC Wales)
"The Odd Couple"
"Melvin, Son of Alvin"
She also served as the presenter of the BBC TV show "Serendipity" for 10 episodes in 1973.

Special thanks to Martin Wiggins for providing/confirming much of the information on this page.