Jo Grant in Books and Video

Last modified on November 14th, 1999

Video Availability:

Terror of the AutonsYW-
The Mind of EvilYYY
The Claws of AxosYY-
The DæmonsYW-
Day of the DaleksYWY
The Curse of PeladonYY-
The Sea DevilsYYY2 Tape set
The Three DoctorsYW-
Carnival of MonstersYY-
Frontier in SpaceYYY2 Tape set
Planet of the Daleks-NOV 99DEC 99No date set for NTSC release
The Green DeathYYY2 Tape set

Y = Available
W = Withdrawn from sale

No additional Dr. Who serials featuring Jo have yet been scheduled for release.

Katy Manning also appears in the Who based spoof video "Lust in Space". A "Myth Makers" series video on Katy Manning is also now available.

Thanks to Jason Fraser for the information on Australian video availability. For a list of all Dr. Who videos available down under, visit his excellent comprehensive site, Varos.

Jo in Books:

Jo appears in 3 books in the new BBC Doctor Who Books series. These stories have been commissioned as books, and are not novelizations of television serials:

Genocide, by Paul Leonard
Catastrophea, by Terrance Dicks
The Wages of Sin, by David A. McIntee

She is scheduled to appear (with the 3rd Doctor and UNIT) in the January 2000 book "The Last of The Gadarene", by Mark Gatiss

She also appears in two books in the Virgin Publishing Missing Adventures series of original fiction:

Dancing the Code, by Paul Leonard
Speed of Flight, by Paul Leonard

Note: These two books are out of print, probably forever. You might find them at a used book store or in the stock of a Sci-Fi book dealer or store owner. Don't forget to look for Target novelizations of the original television serials in the same places.

Jo also appears in the short story anthologies "Decalog 2" and "Decalog 3", also published by Virgin Publishing. Jo Grant was played by Katy Manning . She appeared from 1971-73 with the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee.

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