Doctor Who Links:

The site to visit is the Nitro9 site, which will link you to the FAQ's and to the more comprehensive Doctor Who sites on the web.
Need news about Doctor Who? Visit The Doctor Who News Page news page. This is Shannon's old site, now hosted by Outpost Gallifrey.
Need pictures from the series? Try the Shillpages.
Need some more Doctor Who links? Try Into the Vortex .
Anneke Wills, who played Polly, has some prints of her art available for sale.
Visit Jondar's site at Varos , which includes a large amount of reference material.

Some of my friends have Dr. Who pages too:

Elsa Frohman's A Very Peculiar (Web) Page includes her Peter Davison site.
Trinalin is webmaster of the ever-changing experience that is the ACME Page Fillers, Inc. page.
The Cryptkeeper's #DrWho Links Page lists the regulars on the DALnet channels #DrWho and #Drwhochat.
Judi Grant's Yet another Paul McGann Page is about the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann.
Venice Buhain is the operator of Venice Buhain's Page.
Cookie fans should visit Starfury's recently relocated homepage. Bye-bye :)
Don't forget to visit Kim's Homepage, especially if you live near Jacksonville, FL. And be sure to visit her Adric page. :)
Need socks? Visit Carson Maynard's page. Carson also maintains the #DrWhoRPG Role Playing Archive.
Chrissy's Home Page o' Fun is now available free of charge.
George Solana owns and operates the The Master and the Rani page.
Reach Vila at his homepage . Don't forget to visit the page for his fanzine, Aphelion .
Visit The Attic , the web home of Daniel Ben-Zvi.
Alden Bates has a homepage, as well as a page devoted to Mel Bush .
Visit Mel's Domain, the web home of Meliphyre.
Mike Doran has recently moved his homepage .
SukiF runs the Lair of the Silver Spoons page, dedicated to Sylvester McCoy.
Random Companion's wonderful webpage is back up.

Some other great sites:

The Elisabeth Sladen Information Network
Visit the Sarah Sutton Page , dedicated to the actress who played Nyssa.
The Tegan Worldwide Admirers (TWA) homepage.
Peri Power covers Nicola Bryant, the actress who played Peri.
The Anneke Wills Page covers the actress who played Polly.

Some related newsgroups:

These groups must be on your news server to read them via these links. If you can't get them, contact your provider and ask them to add them to your newsfeed, or visit the dejanews site.

rec.arts.drwho is a high-traffic fan group. The home of Dr. Who on Usenet. is a low-traffic moderated group.
alt.drwho.creative is the location to find Dr. Who fanfiction on Usenet.
alt.binaries.drwho includes the occasional good binary.

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