Opt Out Policies Across the U.S.

Long Beach School Uniform Case Settled - district agreed to send notices to the parents that exemptions to the uniform policy were available.

Dade County Approves Uniforms - note item 3, that allows parents to exempt their children from the uniform policy.

Uniforms pass - Exemptions possible to mandatory code - Jacksonville, FL (Duval County): But a broad escape clause will allow parents who oppose the idea of conformity to remove their children from the color scheme requirement. And if the parents of 20 percent or more of middle or high school students do this, the uniforms will be discarded for all students at those levels.

4 Clay schools opt for spirited uniforms - Jacksonville (Clay county): "Four of the county's elementary schools have adopted a voluntary school-uniform policy for the upcoming year."

NYC school board votes for uniforms in elementary schools - "Parents would be able to opt out of the uniform program, however..."

School Boards Give Uniform Plan Thumbs Down - New York City

Wisconsin State Law - note these two provisions in the law:
1. allow parents or guardians to exempt their child from the rule,
2. ensure that no pupil is penalized academically or otherwise discriminated against because the pupil's parent or guardian has chosen to exempt the pupil from the rule,

Jackson Public School District - Jackson, Mississippi: "...JPSD is a public school district, and it is not mandatory that
students wear the uniforms."

OLYMPIC VIEW UNIFORM POLICY - Chula Vista, CA: "There is an exemption procedure for those opting out of the uniform policy,... However, the parents need to decide whether or not their child will wear a uniform, not the child."

The Matsuyama School Uniform Policy - Sacramento, CA: "State Law requires the school uniform policy to provide a method whereby parents may choose not to have their children comply with an adopted school uniform policy."

Connecticut ACLU poised to challenge school uniform requirements -" the uniforms are ``a request,'' not a requirement. No student has been sent home or disciplined for showing up out of uniform, she said."

School uniform choices will rest with parents  St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

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