Litigation Resulting From Mandatory School Uniform Policies

 ACLJ Secures Victory for Alabama Student to Wear Cross Necklace in Public School
 March 1st, 2000

 ACLU Newswire: 03-03-00 -- Mississippi Students Protest Against Uniforms

 Student Prevails in NC School Uniform Dispute - ACLU Press Release, Jan 11th, 2000.

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go: Students and Their Parents Fight School Uniform Policies Nov. 4th, 1999.

 11-01-99 -- ACLU Challenges Louisiana School's Ban on Armbands As Violation of Students' First Amendment Rights

 ACLU Press Release: 08-30-99 -- ACLU Victorious in Texas Black Arm Band Case

 Jewish Student Allowed to Wear Star of David Pendant as Mississippi School Board Reverses Policy ACLU Press Release, August 8th, 1999

 Year in Civil Liberties, 1999: Education

ACLU Point of View: School Uniforms - "Second, for a public school uniform policy to be legal, it has to have an opt out provision."

ACLU: Public Schools Adopting Dress Codes - " policies have been vulnerable to challenge only when they do not make provision for free uniforms for those who cannot afford them, or when they fail to include a provision allowing parents to opt their children out. "

Long Beach School Uniform Case Settled - district agreed to send notices to the parents that exemptions to the uniform policy were available.

Oakland Board Approves Pact In School Uniform Lawsuit - ' The agreement also simplifies the opt out procedure and requires that parents be told that their children "will not be penalized academically or retaliated against in any way as a result of your decision that he or she not wear a uniform." '

ACLU Suit Ensures Oakland Informs Parents About Uniform Policy

October 31, 1997: CA School Uniform Policy May Get Some Alterations - Norwalk, CA

 NYC school board votes for uniforms in elementary schools - ""If any student is coerced or punished" for not wearing a uniform, it would trigger a lawsuit, Siegel promised."

Connecticut ACLU poised to challenge school uniform requirements

Settlement Reached for Florida Student Suspended for Wearing Cuban Flag Necklace - Boca Raton- Under the terms of the settlement, Peter will be permitted to return to school and to wear the beaded Cuban flag necklace that was the cause of this controversy, and will receive $15,000 in his attorneys' fees and costs in the matter. [Note - this item is not directly uniform related, but it illustrates some of the limits to dress codes including uniform policies.  It also shows that even with uniforms, gang members will be able to "show their colors." Also, it illustrates how costly even a settlement can be.]

 Public Schools Adopting Dress Codes 09-30-97

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