The Florida Bujinkan Buyu Kai

"Florida Association of Martial Friendship"

What is The Florida Bujinkan Buyu Kai?

The Florida Bujinkan Buyu Kai is an informal network of friendship amongst several Bujinkan Budo Instructors residing, training, and teaching in Florida. The purpose of this organization is the disemination and flow of information between Instructors and Students in the Florida area. This organization does not participate in politics or inter Dojo rivalries.

How did the Organization start?

This Organization took form pursuant to a conversation between several Instructors and myself regarding the flow of information between the people who train in The Bujinkan in Florida. We would like to keep people updated on seminar dates, training group locations and times in Florida. A bi-monthly newsletter is currently in the planning stages.

Who is The Association open to?

The Association is open to all ranks of Ninpo practitioners who would like to keep up with seminar dates, training venues, and various events occuring in Florida. There will be a nominal charge for the newsletter which, as mentioned is currently in the planning stage. This cost will offset printing, and mailing costs. The newsletter will contain an updated list of seminar locations and dates, and articles submitted by our various members. If you would like further information you can e-mail the author at the address below.

For more information e-mail me at

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