Utahraptor and Othnielia Photos Utahraptor ostrommaysi and Othnielia rex Photos

As displayed at the Graves Museum of Paleontology and Natural History, Dania, Florida, USA

Utahraptor: A cast of a substantial find of the Cretaceous raptor restored to near completeness. The specific name honors Dr. John Ostrom professor emeritus at Yale's Peabody Museum and Chris Mays of Dinamation International.

[entire Utahraptor reconstruction, right
 lateral] [lateral head] [frontal claws] [lateral trunk] [whole view left lateral]

[retractable second pedal ungual] [right hand claws] [upper body] [sacral region] [distal tip of tail]
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Othnielia: Three casts of a Jurrasic Ornithischian. Two and a half feet high and about five and one half feet long. Othnielia may have been an herbivore or possibly an insectivore. It may be related to Drinker from Wyoming and Yanbusaurus from China. As a hypsilophodontid, it may share characters with the ancestor of Igaunodon . The genomic appelation honors Othniel Charles Marsh (1831 - 1899) of Yale Univeristy.

[horizontal entire right lateral] [vertical entire right oblique] [vertical entire right lateral]

[group of 3 running away] [upright entire frontal] [upright entire oblique away]

[close-up head left lateral] [close-up feet]
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