...my barbaric YAWP...
                                                                   "Song of Myself" Leaves of Grass
                                                Walt Whitman  
Voyages of the Que Linda II 
Out For A Troll
[Que Linda II - third configuration - 10hp]
Picture of author in Que Linda II (photo courtesy of A.R.)
Key Biscayne is slight shadow on the horizon at right.
[Que Linda II - sailfiish - pez vela]
[Que Linda II - trolling third reef]           [Que Linda II - close-up trolling third reef]
Trolling off South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida
(Photos courtesy A.R.)
[Que Linda II - view from forward deck]
View down onto the main deck from the "casting platflorm-observation tower" (the top of the two coolers) while trolling about 4 miles offshore along the third reef in 80 to 120 feet of water. Great place to stand when fishing in the shallows nears Stiltsville, South Biscayne Bay, casting at the Bones (bonefish).
[Stiltsville] [Stiltsville]
Stiltsville - just south of Key Biscayne
The Magic City in the distance in larger photo, lighthouse at Bill Boggs Park southern tip of Key Biscayne, a selection of some of the stilthouses

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All images ©Michael Patrick Corriss
August 9,2001

Images photographed with Olympus OM-1 35-mm camera, Olympus KHC microscope,
Ricoh RDC-300Z digital camera, scanned by Nikon LS-2000 and
manipulated with PhotoShopLE.
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