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Xiphactinus audax 
[AMNH Xiphactinus audax]
Large teleost of the late Cretaceous, Xiphactinus audax, about 5
meters long at AMNH, NY 2000
[right profile of fishXiphactinus audax][left profile of fish Xiphactinus audax]
Sharp fangs and large size made this a major predator in the inland seas of the Cretaceous. Mike Triebold reconstruction displayed at the Animal Kingdom July 2000
[Xiphactinus audax]
About 1 1/2 meter reconstruction by Michael Triebold
of Xiphactinus. Animal Kingdom July 2000
The large extinct Icthyodectid teleost Xiphactinus audax, along with the mosasaurs, was a major predator of the Cretaceous seas with its long conical teeth. The lower specimen was found by Michael Triebold in Lane County, Kansas, in 1993. Specimens are known ranging in size from a few feet up to 6 meters. One fossil even contains a one meter long fossil of another fish Gallicus

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All images ©Michael Patrick Corriss
August 1,2001

Images photographed with Olympus OM-1 35-mm camera, Olympus KHC microscope,
Ricoh RDC-300Z digital camera, scanned by Nikon LS-2000 and
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