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Elasmosaurus platyurus 
[like a snake threaded through  a turtle long-necked Elasmosaurus]
The spectacular long-necked plesiosaur Elasmosaurus platyurus reconstruction by Michael Triebold at the Animal Kingdom. Platecarpus_ictericus, a mosasaur, is displayed beneath the long neck.  July 2000
[seas-way reptile of the Cretaceous - Elasmosaurus]
Wide open mouth armed with sharp peg-shaped teeth, ideal for catching fish.    Animal Kingdom July 2000
[from tail to head - Elasmosaurus]
From tail to head - a long lizard   
Animal Kingdom July 2000
[long necked - Elasmosaurus]
Grab that fish!

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All images ©Michael Patrick Corriss
July 29,2001

Images photographed with Olympus OM-1 35-mm camera, Olympus KHC microscope,
Ricoh RDC-300Z digital camera, scanned by Nikon LS-2000 and
manipulated with PhotoShopLE.
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