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Acrocanthosaurus atokensis 
[Acrocanthosaurus atokensis Skull]
FRAN - Skull of Acrocanthosaurus atokensis Animal Kingdom 2000

This is a cast of a specimen found in 1983, in the Paluxy Sandstone, Antlers Formation, McCurtain County, Oklahoma. The fossils are nicknamed FRAN after Fran Graffham of Geological Enterprises, UK. The name refers to the presence of neural spines almost 5 times the height of the centra in the dorsal vertebrae. This theropod had a sail but not as large as the Jurassic Park III Spinosaurus whose spines were 11 times the centra. Displayed under the tent at the Animal Kingdom, Disney World, Orlando, Florida July 2000

The tracks recorded in the sandstones at the Paluxy river, Glen Rose have been suggested to have been made by an acrocanthosaur.

This beast-foot lived approximately 100 to 110 million years ago during the mid-Cretaceous.

[frontal view Acrocanthosaurus atokensis Skull]

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All images ©Michael Patrick Corriss
August 9,2001

Images photographed with Olympus OM-1 35-mm camera, Olympus KHC microscope,
Ricoh RDC-300Z digital camera, scanned by Nikon LS-2000 and
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