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Allosaurus fragilis 
[Head-on view of Allosaurus feeding on Apatosaurus backbone
Dramatic feasting Allosaurus fragilis in original 1908 pose,
inspired by the Apatosaur vertebrae's deep linear gouges inscribed on their surface, matching the allosaur's teeth.
AMNH 1985
Side view of Allosaurus feeding on Apatosaurus backbone]
Allosaurus was one of the first dinosaurs restored in a life-like pose.
AMNH 1996

In 1879, this specimen, ANMH-5753, was found by H.F.Hubbell in the Como Bluff area of Wyoming (Bone Cabin Quarry) while collecting for Edward Drinker Cope. It was crated up, never examined . The American Museum of Natural History, New York (AMNH) acquired it with a large selection of Cope's collections in 1899. Finally the crates were unpacked in 1903 and the prize was discovered! It took 5 years for preparation and mounting. It was finally displayed in 1908.

The stratum the bones were recovered from have been dated to the late Jurassic, approximately 140 million years ago. Stegosaurus, Coelurus, Ornitholestes, Diplodocus, Barosaurus, and Apatosaurus (the Brontosaur) were some contemporaries.

Side view of Allosaurus feeding on Apatosaurus backbone

Feeding Allosaurus AMNH 2000

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July 20,2001
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