The Court of Bambiraptor feinbergi

From the recent Graves Museum sponsored Dinosaur - Bird Symposium

A selection of dinosaurs, exhibited by the Graves Museum at the recent symposium (April 7 - 9, 2000) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA are illustrated with photographs on these pages. Emphasis is on Bambiraptor feinbergi but Utahraptor ostrommaysi, Othnielia rex, two tyrannosaurid skulls, two other tyrannosaurid "works in progress", Pterodactylus, and Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis may be viewed here. Other highly interesting specimens await official publication before they may be exhibited here.

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[toothy grin - head- stainless steel sculpture by Larry Williams]
Stainless steel sculpture.
Bambiraptor feinbergi
A greater than 90 percent complete skeleton was discovered in 1993 near Bynum, Montana, by a teenager, Wes Linster, within the Two Medicine Formation. The reconstruction was done by David A. Burnham, University of Kansas. The specimen is a possible male about 75 percent the size of an adult and well preserved, partially articulated, with minimal loss of original shape and articular surfaces which permitted a good reconstruction. The anatomy: U-shaped furcula, semilunate carpal, among others, suggests close accord with avian characters. Elongate prezygapophyses in the tail extend along several caudal vertebrae contributing to tail stiffening and counter-balancing the body. An extensible second pedal ungual (toe) is present ("killer claw"). A T-shaped lacrimal bone extends onto the top of the skull. The scapula is strap-like. There is an expansion of the distal pubis. These are all consistent with Bambiraptor feinbergi being a dromaeosaurid theropod such as Deinonychus, Velociraptor and Saurornitholestes.

Martin Feinberg of Hollywood, FL underwrote the costs of restoration in the name of his parents: Michael and Ann Feinberg. The specimen will reside in The Graves Museum of Archeology and Natural History (Florida Institute of Paleontology).

(Holotype FIP 001) Burnham, David A., Derstler, Kraig L., Currie, Philip J., Bakker, Robert T.,Zhou, Zhonghe, and Ostrom, John H. "Remarkable New Birdlike Dinosaur (Theropoda: Maniraptora) from the Upper Cretaceous of Montana" The University of Kansas Paleontological Contributions Number 13, March 15,2000 Lawrence, Kansas

[whole specimen] [head] [close-up head left aspect] [rt aspect upper trunk and head]
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[close-up left lateral thorax] [close-up lateral rear looking rostral] [lateral sacral view] [boot - sacrum] [left lateral chest and shoulder]
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[killer claw and didactyl pes] [left arm and claws] [dromaeosaur foot] [maniraptor wrist - stainless steel sculpture by Larry Williams] [maniraptorian claws - stainless steel sculpture by Larry Williams]
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[right arm] [left arm and chest] [complete view, oblique] [complete view, dorsal aspect] [left lateral, complete]
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Adult Specimen of B. feinbergi
Almost 40 other bones were discovered, approximately 25 percent larger than the holotype, from at least two individuals. A partial reconstruction is illustrated. (Holotypes FIP 002-036)
[feathered reconstruction] [adult specimen] [adult specimen] [feathered reconstruction]
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Utahraptor ostrommaysi and Othnielia rex
Utahraptor: A cast of a sustantial find of the Cretaceous raptor restored to near completeness. The specific name honors Dr. John Ostrom professor emeritus at Yale's Peabody Museum and Chris Mays of Dinamation International.
Othnielia: Three casts of a Jurrasic Ornithischian. Two and a half feet high and about five and one half feet long Othnielia may have been an herbivore or possibly an insectivore. It may be related to Drinker from Wyoming and Yanbusaurus from China. As a hypsilophodontid, it may share characters with the ancestor of Igaunodon . The genomic appelation honors Othniel Charles Marsh (1831 - 1899) of Yale Univeristy.


Stan is the best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex skull found. The find consisted of 47 bones (two missing) and 35 loose teeth.
AMNH 5027 A Tyrannosaurus rex skull that was the premier specimen until Stan showed up. It was discovered by Barnum Brown and named by Henry Fairfield Osborn.
GUS, a Gorgosaurus that is still being restored.
Tinker a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex that is still being restored.

Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis and Pterodactylus

Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis is an ornithischian found by Michael Triebold in South Dakota.
Pterodactylus, a pterosaur, not a dinosaur, but related to dinosaurs, is from the Bavarian, Solnhofen, Germany, fine-grained lithogrphic sandstone from the end of the Jurrasic.

Ice behemoth an un-named theropod at the Bird - Dinosaur Symposium Reception. The absolutely fierce looking specimen just melted away once exposed to the elements, to a jungle drums' beat.
[un-named thropod, ice behemoth]

Dino-Bird Symposium Field Trip.
Raptor, Avian, Suchian The Graves Museum trip to the Everglades. (Wait for the paper!) (3 x 20 Kb)

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