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US Secretary of State

W A S H I N G T O N D. C.


Skopje, 26 February, 1998

Your Excellency,

The Annual Reports of the State Department on the human rights situation in the world draw attention of a wide circle of observers and followers of the topics that are treated there. The recently published 1997 Report drew my attention, as did the previous ones. About the last Report, and the naming of the Republic of Macedonia in it with the "reference" "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", I would like to present a brief comment.

First, I would like to express my deep belief that the US representatives, among which are the experts who made the Report that you approved, have no reason whatsoever not to name the Republic of Macedonia by its constitutional name. There is no even a single reason to connect the naming of the Republic of Macedonia to the fact that it, as a federal republic, was a member of the former Yugoslav federation until the 8 September 1991. As there is no reason whatsoever the naming of the USA to be connected to the fact that the USA was in the past a British colony. However, not only the very consideration to give such name would hurt every American as an individual, but even more the present naming of the Republic of Macedonia in the State Department Annual Report and in other instances by US and other representatives of the international community would hurt every Macedonian as an individual, regardless of his place of living.

Your Excellency,

I am deeply convinced that your human rights experts would agree with my interpretation that by naming the Republic of Macedonia as "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", in regard to the Macedonians individually and collectively, violated are the provisions of the Articles 1, 2, 5, 12, 19, and 28 of the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Being a Macedonian, I am very well informed about this, because certain Greeks, starting from the now already totally political marginal Adonis Samaras, the inspirer of this naming, as a proponent of remains of a destructive ideology and energy, have the need in this way, or as "Republic of Skopje", to name the Republic of Macedonia. However, I cannot, indeed find any reason for US representatives, or those of any other country in the world, or of any international institutions or organizations, not to name the Republic of Macedonia by its constitutional name. I expect that Americans, being a free nation, will respect the freedom of naming the Republic of Macedonia and the Macedonians by the name for and by which they have been fighting for ages; the name that the genius of the Macedonian national folklore has permanently placed in the national folk songs, thus penetrating the Macedonian spiritual being and creating a national culture that is an indestractuble part of the global civilization cultural heritage. I expect that the Americans would contribute on international level to establish a free naming of the Republic of Macedonia and the Macedonians, and by this, to correct an injustice toward them made in the imperfect 20th century. We remain Macedonians, without any supplements. This is our very identity on which we, the Macedonians, have an indisputable right, as other nations have the right to their identity. I am convinced that you personally have respect for my effort to protect my individual identity that includes also my Macedonian national identity.

Sincerely Yours,

Kole Mangov