Dear readers,

By presenting You with above decree, we face You with the fact that parts of the territory of the Turkish empire, which were occupied by the Greek army during the First Balkan war , were designated by the Greek King Georgios I as "territories in Macedonia occupied by the Greek army". This means that Macedonia was not liberated by the Greek army. Macedonia is occupied by the Greek army. Macedonia was never Greek. One liberates ones own territory from foreign rule, and only foreign territories are occupied.

Contrary to the evident fact that Macedonia was never Greek, which can also be seen from this document, the international community has accepted the Greek lies about the "Greekness" of Macedonia and under its pressure, jeopardized the use of the name Macedonia for designation of the Republic of Macedonia, and the same was received in the UN under the "temporary" and unusual name "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia". By submitting You this decree, as an argument proving the non-Greeknes of Macedonia, we expect You to join us in our efforts to establish the Republic of Macedonia at the UN with its historical and constitutional name and with the raising of the Macedonian flag in front of the building of the UN.

Sincerely Yours, Kole Mangov