General attitude in Greece towards Macedonia and Macedonians

On the photograph are seen three graffiti written in the Greek language situated on a wall under the fence of the village church in Tropeuhos (Maala), Florina (Lerin), Republic of Greece which is mainly inhabited with ethnic Macedonians, The first graffiti from the top is a sentence stating "Hang the Skopje Gypsies". The term "Skopje Gypsies (Gypsies from Skopje) is a term expressing the highest degree of impatience and hatred against Macedonians in general living in the Macedonian Republic and the Macedonian people living in Greece as a national minority. A lower degree of impatience and hatred expressed against the Macedonians in general is the expression "Skopians ", a term that the Greek government has deviated to use instead of the Republic of Macedonia. The expression "Skopje Republic," and "Skopians" are regularly used by the Greek government, starting with the President, Prime Minister and all the ministers. The village graffiti writers follow in their footsteps. We think that here me have given You enough arguments for you to get engaged for the Macedonian state in the international community to be addressed by its constitutional name the Republic of' Macedonia