Kole Mangov
        Bul. Jane Sandanski br.87/II-8
        91000 Skopje
        Republic of Macedonia
        Tel/fax: 389 91 163639
        E-mail: dignity@soros.org.mk


Dear Sir,

Even after the "temporary agreement" of Sept.13th,1995 between the Republic of Macedonia and Greece was signed, the Greek border authorities do not allow Macedonian citizens by origin from Greece to enter Greece. On November 1st, 1995 Petar Kronev was not allowed to cross the Greek border. The same happened to Kole Mangov and Risto Kizov on Nov 2nd, 1995. All three used to be Greek citizens, Macedonians by nationality, born in Greece. They were refused entry into Greece with an explanation that the toponyms in their passport were written in Macedonian. They were subject to further discrimination when the Greek authorities did not allow the Greek citizen Hristos Mangos to meet his brother Kole Mangov in the restaurant at the border crossing of Niki.
We kindly ask for your co-operation and support of our activities for protection against the Greek discrimination of Macedonians. Thank you.

President of "Dignity" Association
       Kole Mangov