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Paperback was $4.95 (out of print)
Only available as an ebook $1.95 from PayPal.

The Table of Contents

How do I start?
How do I know if my Writing is Marketable?
What is the best format for sending it?
How do I make a good first impression?
Should I send art work?
Why should I make a picture book dummy?
How do I grab and keep a reader's interest?
What are guidelines for writing nonfiction?
What about other kinds of writing?
Should I pay to have a book published?
What should I know about copyright?
What should I do about record keeping?
How can I increase sales after publication?

The book has many online and print resources. The author wrote it as a text for a college course which she taught. See reviews.


Reviews at Amazon.com

Insightful Ideas
Sue Glass (author)
I found this book to be well organized and filled with useable and practical ideas and information. The specific content was extremely helpful to me as an author. I also plan to use this with my middle school students to assist them with their own creative writing. The chapter entitled "How Do I Grab and Keep a Reader's Interest?" is an excellent starting point for all budding writers. Even though I have had two of my own books published, I learned a great deal of new information, especially about self-publishing, from reading this book. I think this book would be a wonderful read for anyone, young or old, who might be considering venturing into the world of writing. Nice Job!

Meaty Insight
E. R Tarbescu (author)
This little book is the only guide I've found about self-publishing children's books. (It also provides great info for traditional publishing, too.) Children's books are written, sold and promoted much differently than other genres. This book might be small, but there's a lot of meat here--it covers the important aspects of publishing children's books, and its suggestions will help writers along the road to success.

A Basic Guide to Writing, Selling, and Promoting...
Debrah Thompson (Hudson, New Hampshire United States)
This really is a 'guide' and not a book. It's packed full of information that you will want to refer to over and over again. It gets to the point quickly and provides invaluable tools for anyone just getting started. This is a must have! Good things really do come in small packages!!!

A Real Time Saver
C.R.C (reader)
I appreciate so many helpful insights and sources from this book. Insights deal with motivation for writing children's stories; how to develop a story which sells; what format to use; the best ways to communicate with editors; should I send art work; guidelines for writing fiction, non-fiction, concept books, poetry, and more; information about promotion, etc. It lists books and websites that I didn't know about. I spent days searching at the library and on the internet. I saved a lot of time when I found this handy guide. I make notes in it and refer to it often. The books listed ... cover specialty areas and general areas for writing for children: poetry, plays, non-fiction, fiction, comedy, getting teaching ideas published, historical fiction, juvenile novels, self-publishing, legal information, contracts, query letters, and more. The website addresses give the main resources by name, URL, snail mail, and phone number.... The book lists the basic information for current information about copyright, writer's webrings, self-publishing, The American Booksellers Association, The Children's Book Council, The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, etc.

A Must-have for any want-to-be writer
ollysmom (Eielson afb, ak USA)
This book is wonderful in its simplicity. It is written in a Q&A format which covers all you need to know to get started. Plus if you do not find it useful you are only out a ...[few]...bucks!

Reviews at Barnes and Noble

A reviewer, I am an author thanks to this book
This book opened up a dream for me and made it become a reality. It has so much that helped me know how to write and how to present my book to publishers. There are so many inside tips. Also it helped me decide that my style was more suited to non-fiction than to fiction. I just hadn't considered non-fiction. Now I've made a book sale! She covers non-fiction, fiction, working with publishers or self-publishing, and more.

A reviewer, a beginning writer in Atlanta, GA.
A lot in a little book
This book is small and the price is small also but it is packed with information. It is great for going over the basics of writing for children, for finding lots of resources on the net and in libraries, for deciding if you should invest in self-publishing, and for sending your book to publishers.

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