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Motivation and Memory Skills

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Motivation and Memory Skills for Teachers and Parents | Endorsements

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Motivation and Memory Skills for Teachers and Parents

Little Lemon: Activities for Developing Motivation and Memory Skills
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Use the lesson plans, discussion questions, and encouragement activities in Little Lemon. Lesson plans have memory cues for spelling, learning left from right, vocabulary improvement, correcting reversals, etc. These lesson plans have been featured on many websites including sites in association with ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center).

Whoa Wiggle-worm: a Little Lemon Book about an Overly Active Child
Endorsements || Excerpts
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Use the lesson plan which starts with a focus on the overly active child. Then it moves on to suggestions which any child can use for self-control, study skills, and time management.
These are the goals of the lesson plan.

  1. Help Overly Active Children Monitor Their Own Behavior by Using a Strategy to Stop or Slow Down Impulsive Behaviors
  2. Improve Acceptance of Overly Active Children without Encouraging the Behavior

Acceptable and non-acceptable nicknames, memory cues, and self-control are some of the issues addressed in this story. Wiggle-worm and Lickety-split are not identified as having a specific diagnosis. Children with ADD/ADHD or other conditions identify with the situation.
Visit these pages of this site's bookstore and articles for more information about
ADHD, LD, anger and stress management, diabetes and low blood sugar, nutrition, social skills, and sleep deprivation. Visit Toys and Games for Active Children and for Children Who Need to be More Active.

A Purple Cow: How to Learn Colors
Endorsements || Excerpts
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Memory cues are used in the story to help children learn colors. The book has an educator's guide for memory skill instruction. It has been used by parents, teachers, etc. The book is designed for enrichment or remediation. Children are not pictured. Children of any age can identify with the main character. We are only told that Charlene is older than the child who knows his colors. Her parents and her Little Lemon puppet help her with creative solutions.

The cumulative tale shows the use of these memory strategies: repetition, listening carefully, using pictures or mental images, rhythm, and attitude (optional: music and color coding).

book cover for The Buggy That Boogied Away Excerpts from The Buggy That Boogied Away are
in the catalog's section for fiction.

It has three lesson plans.

1. Improve Memory and Listening Skills
2. Practice Articulation and Oral Reading
3. Develop Reading Comprehension and Writing Skills
(Vocabulary, Sequence, and Sentence Construction)

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Little Lemon: Activities for Developing Motivation and Memory Skills

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Excerpts from

Little Lemon:
Activities for Developing Motivation and Memory Skills

Written by Betsy B. Lee
Illustrated by Linda Lee
© Betsy B. Lee 1997
All rights are reserved.

Little Lemon leaves while Charlene naps
   Little Lemon sat very still as Charlene whined, "I hate school work. I'm tired of trying to remember how to make this puppet."
   The tired little girl fell asleep.
   A yellow stream appeared. Her puppet jumped into the stream as it flowed across the table and out the window to Lemon Land.
sour lemons
   Little Lemon floated past unhappy lemons pouring juice into the stream.
   "Yuck!" he yelled. "That tastes sour."
   "Of course it's sour. It's lemon juice without sugar," said a happy lemon swimming by.
   "Double yuck! I'm cold!" complained Little Lemon.
   "Go faster," called the happy lemon.
   Little Lemon kicked and kicked. Then he said, "You go too fast."
   "I like to go fast. That's why they call me, Lickety-split."
Little Lemon and Lickety-split floating
   Soon they swam beside each other chanting, "Lickety-split, lickety-split, lickety, lickety, lickety-split."
   When they saw happy lemons pouring sugar into the stream, they slowed down.
   "Yummy!" yelled Little Lemon. "It's sweet but it's still cold!"
   "Of course it's sweet and cold. It's lemonade," said Lickety-split."You must be new here."
   "Yes," said Little Lemon. Then, he told her about Charlene.
Read the rest of the Little Lemon story.
Meet the characters in Lemon Land.
See how the lemon squeeze helps get the bitterness out.
Sing the Lemonade Song.
See Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer. Why is he in this story?
Learn how Little Lemon helps Charlene make school work quicker and easier.
    These are a few of the discussion questions in the book.
    1. What was Little Lemon's hard, sour job?
    2. How do some people act when they feel that something can't be done?
    3. Charlene felt that school was like a sour lemon. What was hardest for her in school?
    4. Learning Lemon said that Charlene was beginning to use a good learning secret. What was it?
    5. Which learning secret helped Charlene remember things?
    6. What does this mean: When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade?

      Endorsements || || Lesson Plans || For Teachers and Parents

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Whoa Wiggle-worm: a Little Lemon Book about an Overly Active Child

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Excerpts from

Whoa Wiggle-worm
a Little Lemon Book about an Overly Active Child

Written by Betsy B. Lee
Illustrated by Catharine E. Varnedoe
© Betsy B. Lee 2003
All rights are reserved.

Wiggle-worm puts puppet upsidedown in pizza
   Oh, no! thought Little Lemon as he landed in the pizza.
   "Leave my puppet alone!" said Charlene. She picked up Little Lemon while tomato sauce dripped from him.
   "Wiggle-worm!" shouted the teacher. "Go to time-out!"
   The boy darted to the time-out chair.
   "Charlene, put your puppet in the sink to soak," said the teacher.
puppet in sink
   "Thanks Charlene," said Little Lemon.
   "The water feels great."
   "You'll be all right," said Charlene. "I'll come for you later."
   She walked away and closed the big partition. It separated the home arts area from the rest of the classroom.
   Little Lemon wished to go to Lemon Land. The yellow stream appeared. It whisked him out the window and away to Lemon Land.
pony puppet running
   The yellow stream became lemonade. Little Lemon floated into the sweetest part of Lemon Land.
   He saw a lemon puppet riding a pony puppet. The rider was his friend named Lickety-split.
   The pony puppet galloped very fast. He went lickety-split, lickety-split, lickety, lickety, lickety-split.
pony puppet and rider stopping
   "Whoa Speedy," said Lickety-split. The pony stopped in front of Little Lemon.
   "Hi! Are you having a problem with Charlene?" asked Lickety-split.
   "No. I'm having a problem with a boy named Wiggle-worm," said Little Lemon.
   "What's his real name?" asked Lickety-split.
   "I don't know," said Little Lemon. "He always wiggles and giggles. People make fun of him and he hates school."
   "That's the way I used to be," said Lickety-split.
Read the book to see how the puppets helped David (Wiggle-worm) gain self-control, self-respect, the respect of others, and secrets for doing better in school. A turning point in the story is when David discovers that he can control a runaway pony.

Some of the Discussion Items in the Book

  1. What was Little Lemon's problem?
  2. What was Wiggle-worm's problem?
  3. What helped Lickety-split understand Wiggle-worm?
  4. What does the word, lickety-split, mean?
  5. What was Wiggle-worm's real name?
  6. Did Wiggle-worm like his nickname?
  7. Did Lickety-split like her nickname?
  8. Let's call Wiggle-worm by his real name. What was the most important thing David learned?
  9. Why did Lickety-split say, "Don't say help! Say whoa!"
  10. How do we know that David did better?
  11. How did David feel when Charlene used his real name?
  12. At the end of the story, how did Little Lemon feel?
  13. What could you do to help someone likeDavid?
  14. How do you feel about nicknames?
  15. Tell about a time when you felt good about helping someone.

    Endorsements || Lesson Plan || For Teachers and Parents

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A Purple Cow: How to Learn Colors

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Excerpts from

A Purple Cow:
How to Learn Colors

Written by Betsy B. Lee
Illustrated by Catharine E. Varnedoe
© Betsy B. Lee 2002
All rights are reserved.
Published by Learning Abilities Books

(This is how the story begins.)

"A purple cow? Good-googa-mooga!" said Donald staring at Charlene's coloring book. "Cows aren't purple."

Charlene argued, "My poem book has a poem about a purple cow."

"I know, but it's supposed to be funny. There's no such thing as a purple cow," said Donald.

Charlene looked at the ground and said shyly, "I think purple cows are funny."

(After Charlene learned her colors, her shaken confidence was restored. Donald didn't find out that Little Lemon and his own dog helped Charlene. The book includes the poem "The Purple Cow" by Gelett Burgess. The story ends with this scene.)

Donald stopped by and said, "I see that you still don't know your colors. What color did you make that cow?"

"Purple," said Charlene. With complete confidence, she looked at him straight in the eye and said, "I think purple cows are funny."

"Good-googa-mooga!" said Donald waving his hand in the air.

Enjoy hands-on activities. Charlene's Little Lemon puppet helps her remember colors by a song with the tune to "Hey, Diddle Diddle."

See endorsements

Children as young as age two have learned colors with this technique, but they need time for the concepts to develop. Cognitive skills are enhanced when young children learn colors.
Illustrations from A Purple Cow
Little Lemon puppet, telephone, and toy bear
a dog and a purple    ball

A Purple Cow: How to Learn Colors

Order Paperback for $5.95 Amazon or
$4.17 check, purchase order, $4.17 PayPal.
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Endorsements for Little Lemon: Activities for Developing Motivation and Memory Skills
    Little Lemon, a puppet, wants to help his friend, a discouraged child with a poor memory, but he doesn't know how. Charlene, his friend, doesn't like school and is always tired. Disheartened, Little Lemon flees to Lemon Land where he finds help from a few lemon friends. Little Lemon invites Charlene to Lemon Land where they discuss how to "make lemonade" when things get tough. "When you have a problem but you make things better, it's like making lemonade from sour lemon juice." Read LITTLE LEMON by Betsy B. Lee to find out exactly how Little Lemon helps his friend with a poor memory.

    Included in this wonderful book are lesson plans, discussion questions, vocabulary improvement activities, a song, and encouragement activities. The vibrantly-colored illustrations by Linda Lee add a loving and inspiring touch to an already delightful story for children.

      Reviewed by Jennifer LB Leese, Children's Book Review Columnist,
      Author, and Copyeditor: Author Webpage

    Little Lemon is a creatively uplifting story that will keep any reader with a young heart anticipating the next page. Not only will most readers willingly practice Dolch words and their meaning by the inspiration of the main character, Little Lemon, they will also develop the courage to complete distasteful jobs in anticipation of the sweet reward waiting for them. Little Lemon is a must read for each young child and for everyone else when a motivational push is required.

    Valuable as this book will be for teaching children important lessons, teachers will be delighted with the multi-media and multi-modality teaching strategies which the author provides.
      Barbara Gottesman, Ph.D.
      Chair for the Educational Leadership Department at San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

    This book provides opportunities to teach valuable lessons in a “fun” setting.

      Mariellen Morris, Ed.S.
      Retired Principal, Glyndale Elementary School, Brunswick, GA.

    Children will enjoy learning from this book the power of pro-activity, positive thinking, and the benefits of giving in addition to receiving.

      Dee Ann Roesel, M.P.A.
      Consultant/Parent, First District Regional Educational Service Agency, Statesboro, GA.

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Endorsements for Whoa Wiggle-worm: a Little Lemon Book about and Overly Active Child
    The book is nicely written, highly engaging, and deals with a difficult topic in a fanciful, yet sensitive and realistic manner. ADHD children and others are helped to understand that there are things they can do to take control of their behavior. This book will be an excellent addition to any elementary school library.
      Edmund Sass, Ed.D., Professor of Education; College of Saint Benedict / Saint John's University, MN; Educational Resources
    Children like Wiggle-worm abound in every elementary school, and the challenge of meeting their needs can be daunting. Whoa Wiggle-worm shows once again, the delightfully therapeutic value of animals. David's time with the pony builds his self-confidence and offers him a positive social interaction. And when David transfers the riding principles of co-operation and control to a classroom setting, he learns a whole new method of self-discipline. Whoa Wiggle-worm will charm both adults and behaviorally challenged children from all walks!
      Jacqueline Ward, Author, Illustrator, Elementary School Teacher / Librarian; The Grove Hill Gang
    This is a great book for discussing goal setting, self-concepts, and understanding others. It delights students as they learn constructive ways to control their behavior. Students and teachers gain insight into the feelings and struggles of students with ADHD. The story highlights the pride students feel when their goals are accomplished.
      Sandy Kemsley, Elementary School Classroom Teacher; Abcteach
    This engaging story presents a vital message intended to assist overly active children to self-monitor impulsive behaviors. The characters explain and demonstrate a strategy to stop or slow down impulsive behaviors. The tactic presented is a viable, workable strategy that could easily be implemented by parents and teachers of elementary age children.
    Children love this book whether or not they have behavior and attention problems. As a nutritionist and researcher, I liked the mention of a balanced diet and less sugar. I highly recommend this imaginative and charming book.
      Laura Stevens, MS in Foods and Nutrition; Research Associate, Department of Foods and Nutrition; Purdue University, IN, author of books about diet, allergies, and behavior; Nutrition in Action: The ADD/ADHD Online Newsletter
    Whoa Wiggle Worm is a delightfully sensitive story about a boy named David who seems to be different than those around him. He learns how to control his own impulsive behaviour by controlling a pony's impulses. He also earns the respect of his friends. And in return, learns to respect himself. This story is not only for persons with limitations but for anyone with low self-esteem or who needs to practice self control. A wonderfully caring book that brings hearts together.

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Endorsements for A Purple Cow
    Being a homeschooling mom and consultant, I am always looking for helpful tools to recommend to moms. This is another "keeper" by Betsy B. Lee. Her books are always a great encouragement to the moms and their children. This one is no exception. Each of her books has terrific tools to help students learn. This one is a GREAT one for helping your students to learn colors. I love it!
    This wonderful book is useful for any student trying to learn a new concept. Some children have poor retention skills and require that all things be learned through association. This is particularly useful for LD students. I took a graduate class called "Using Brain Compatible Methods in the Classroom." Teaching through association is a brain compatible method which helps the student make connections and transfer learning.
      Carolyn Schmidt
      First Grade Teacher at Woodmont School, Pine Brook, NJ
    A Purple Cow is a refreshingly witty story about perceptions of the world around us. Besides learning colors, the reader will also begin to understand that white, black, and the colors in between are not always what they seem to be. A humorous ongoing battle between neighbors that results in both learning their lessons.

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