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Lesson Plan:
Remembering How to Remember

Materials needed:
Little Lemon: Activities for Developing Motivation and Memory Skills for PreK - 3
Remember the Cat (PreK-3)
A Breezy Review of Memory Strategies (for Grades 3 or 4 - 16 +)
Teacher's Guide, parts 1 and 2. running kitty

Memory strategies such as remembering by association are basic and effective for adults, teens, and children.

  1. For Younger Children
    Younger children can benefit from association and other memory strategies before they are able to learn more advanced ones.

    There is an important difference in teaching memory by association to younger children and older children. Younger children need tried and true, concrete examples. They often make associations which are misleading and easily forgotten when they are asked to create personal associations independently. You can't remind them of their associations because you don't know what associations they made. On the other hand, creating personal associations is usually ideal for older children and adults.

    Younger children and others can use memory strategies as cues to improve behavior. See the lesson plan and the children's book, Whoa Wiggle-worm: a Little Lemon Book about an Overly Active Child.
    These are the goals of the lesson plan.

    1. Help Overly Active Children Monitor Their Own Behavior by using a strategy to stop or slow down impulsive behaviors
    2. Improve Acceptance of Overly Active Children without Encouraging the Behavior

  2. For Older Children, Teens, and Adults
    See A Breezy Review of Memory Strategies for a presentation of basic and advanced memory strategies for older students and adults.

TEACHER'S GUIDE: PART 1 This is the same as part one of Introducing Learning Strategies


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