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Dolch Words: 95 Commonly used Nouns
Fill in the Blank Worksheets || Sentences and Stories

These sentences and little stories have all of the 95 Dolch nouns in dark letters.
All of the other words are on the Dolch sight word lists.

The boy got a letter with money in it.
The sheep ate bread from my hand.
The little dog wants to eat my shoe.
The squirrel ate the seed which was for the bird.
My mother reads the paper every night.
The girl put the doll in the bed.
The baby plays with the ball.
The dog likes the game of running after a stick.
The wind moves the bell.
A robin is a bird that sits in its nest and sings a song.
I look out the window at the rain on our street.
I will draw a picture of the sun and a blue flower.
A rabbit has a small head.
A bear has a big head.
The man put a pig in the back of the car.
The boy hurt his leg on a stick.
The men like to ride in the boat.
A ring is a thing that is round.

The farmer has yellow corn on his farm.
We get milk from a cow and an egg from a chicken.
I get a red apple from green tree.

--------- A Little Christmas Story ---------

One Christmas, we saw Santa Claus at our school. He gave each of the children a toy and a watch. I told him my name but I did not want to tell him good-by. I ate cake then I put on my coat and went out the door. There was snow on the ground that day. We got some wood and we made a fire. We had fun.

--------- A Little Birthday Story ---------

My sister got a yellow duck in a box for her birthday. My brother got a white kitty for his birthday. I got a horse at my party.I let him eat grass on the hill at my house.

--------- A Little Cat Story ---------

My mother and father have a big garden at home. One morning, the cat ran in our garden. This time, I opened the door and let the cat come in the house. The cat ran on the clean floor and jumped up on the chair. The cat jumped on top of the table. He saw my fish in the water. I said, "Get your feet off of the table. I need to keep an eye on you." I gave the cat some bread. I said, "Come this way," and I put the cat out.
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