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English as a Second Language

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Bilingual Books for Children, Parents, and Teachers
Bilingual Dolch Sight Word Book, List of Dolch Sight Words

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Dolch Spanish book cover   English and Spanish are on each page of
  A Funny Dolch Word Book #1
  Un Libro Cómico #1 de la Palabra de Dolch.

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Books for Children

10,000 White Horses - 10,000 Caballos Blancos by Betsy B. Lee (Catharine E. Varnedoe, Illustrator; Natty Cruz-Torres, Translator)
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   See text excerpts and illustrations.
This is a children's book or a coffee table book. It is a delight to hear, see, and read for anyone who loves horses and the sea. The poetic beauty of the English and Spanish text reflects the rhythm of the galloping horses and the rolling waves. Catch a wave as a child pretends to ride the white horses of the sea.

picture from 10,000 White Horses / 10,000 Caballos Blancos
10,000 White Horses
10,000 Caballos Blancos

Betsy B. Lee

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Body Parts by Bev Schumacher
and Body Parts Las Partes Del Cuerpo
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Ages: 3-6

Colorful photos attract children to learning body parts in this concept book. Questions, labels of pictures, and a glossary are given in English and Spanish with sound spellings for both languages. Bilingual instructions help parents and other educators use Body Parts Las Partes Del Cuerpo most effectively for ESL students.

My Pal, Victor by Diane Gonzales Bertrand
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The delightful surprise ending inspires and comforts handicapped children. Dominic tells of many things which he enjoys doing with his pal, Victor: swimming, telling stories, riding the roller coaster, etc. On the last page, the illustrator shows Victor in a wheel chair. This is not mentioned in the text. Each page is in Spanish and English. There is a glossary at the end. This book would be a valuable addition to any elementary school library.

Natural Puerto Rico / Puerto Rico Natural by Alfonso Silva Lee
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Cuban biologist, Alfonso Silva Lee, presents an easy to read view of Puerto Rica's fauna and natural history. Spanish and English are presented side-by-side for people interested in both languages. See the vivid photographs and information on the 11 sample pages at Amazon.com.

A Home for Pearl Squirrel / LA Casita De LA Ardilla Perla: A Solomon Raven Story / Una Historia Del Cuervo Salomon by Amy Crane Johnson
The warm and amusing story shows the value of understanding the needs of others and of establishing our identity.

Lewis Cardinal's First Winter / El Primer Invierno de Luis, el Carenal: A Solomon Raven Story / Una Historia Del Cuervo Salomon by Amy Crane Johnson
Lewis learns about changes and friendship. The colorful book has a glossary of English and Spanish words.

Jimmy Jammers (Jaimito Pijama) by Kevin Brennan
Most children can identify with the problem of outgrowing a favorite article of clothing. His Grandma helps him with a great solution. This book has English and Spanish on the same page. An English-Spanish glossary is in the back of the book.

Vegetable Dreams/Sueno De Verduras by Dawn Jeffers
A dream of having a vegetable garden becomes a reality as a girl develops a friendship with an old neighbor who lets her use part of his garden. The family develops closer ties with the neighbor and with each other. The vivid illustrations add to the warmth of the English-Spanish story.

Mason Moves Away: A Solomon Raven Story / Mason se Muda: Un Cuento del Cuervo Salomon by Amy Crane Johnson
This Spanish-English book helps children adjust to moving to a new home. Mason is comforted with these words. "Sometimes we have go do things we don't like," said Solomon. "Having friends makes it easier."

On the Banks of the Amazon/En Las Orillas Del Amazonas by Nancy Kelly Allen
The illustrations captivate the reader on a delightful trip along the Amazon River. The rhythmic English and Spanish text describes plants, animals, and two hunters. At the end, it is a pleasant surprise to learn that they are shooting with cameras.

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Dolch Words: Book and List for Spanish

Dolch Spanish bookEnglish and Spanish are on each page of A Funny Dolch Word Book #1 Un Libro Cómico #1 de la Palabra de Dolch.

The 220 Service Words and 95 Nouns Which Build Confidence

They include irregular verbs;

words which can't be pictured such as at, from, where;

words which can't be sounded out by decoding rules and need to be known by sight (how they look);

the most frequently used prepositions; and

homonyms such as read and red!

Edward Dolch made lists of 220 service words which comprise 50 - 75% of the text in children's books in the US. He also made a list of 95 frequently used nouns. Dolch words should be read quickly and easily (on sight).

It is essential for readers to learn their Dolch sight words. Many reading programs emphasize memorizing them.

If readers stumble over these frequently used words, this takes a lot of energy away from tackling new words.

It hinders comprehension when readers miss words such as for, of, to, too, on, now, then, here, there.

Spanish translations of some of the 220 Dolch words and 95 Dolch nouns are in the table below.

See the complete lists of Dolch sight words in English.

Use Dolch word search puzzles.

Practice prepositions, irregular verbs, pronouns, and other frequently used words in the context using these Dolch sight word books.

These books have been used in elementary school regular classes, special eduation in the lower and upper grades, ESL, and adult literacy programs.

picture from Albert, the Apple Eating Appaloosa, Dolch Horse StoriesAlbert, the Apple Eating Appaloosa (Dolch Horse Stories: Different Word Endings)

picture from A Funny Dolch Word Book 1, 2, and 3Funny Dolch Sight Word Books: Book #1, Book #2, and Book #3

These are in English. They have been used for ESL instruction from many languages.

Some Dolch Words
from the List of 220 Words

I can = yo puedo
you can = tú, usted puedes
he, she, it can = él, ella, lo puede
we can = nosotros podemos
you can = te, ustedes pedéis
they can = ellos, ellas pueden
all = todo, todos
and = y
away = lejos, ausente
big = grande
but = pero, sino
good = bueno
here = aquí
little = poco, pequeño
new = nuevo
now = ahora
out = fuera
please = por favor
soon = pronto
there = ahí, allí, allá
today = hoy
together = junto
what = qué
where = donde, dónde
where (questioning) = ádonde
who = quien, quién
why = por qué
with = con

The 95 Dolch Nouns

apple = manzana
baby = bebé
back = atrás, espalda
ball = pelota, bola
bear = oso
bed = cama
bell = campana, timbre, cascabel
bird = pájaro

birthday = cumpleaños
boat = barco
box = caja
boy = niño, muchacho
bread = pan
brother = hermano
cake = pastel, tarta, bizcocho
car = automóvil, coche, carro
cat = gato, gata
chair = silla
chicken = gallina, pollo
children = niños, niñas
Christmas = Navidad
coat = abrigo, chaqueta
corn = maíz
cow = vaca
day = día
dog = perro, perra
doll = muñeca
door = puerta
duck = pato
egg = huevo
eye = ojo
farm = finca, rancho, granja
farmer = agricultora, granjero
father = padre
feet = pies
fire = fuego
fish = pescado, pescados
floor = piso
flower = flor
game = juego
garden = jardín, huerta
girl = niña, muchacha
good-by (goodbye) = adiós
grass = hierba, césped
ground = masa, suelo, tierra
hand = mano
head = cabeza
hill = cerro
home = hogar
horse = caballo
house = casa
kitty = minino, gatito, gatita
leg = pierna, pata
letter = letra
man = hombre
men = hombres
milk = leche
money = dinero
morning = mañana
mother = madre
name = nombre
nest = nido
night = noche
paper = papel
party = fiesta
picture = foto, lámina
pig = cerdo
rabbit = conejo
rain = lluvia
ring = aro, argolla, anillo
robin = petirrojo
Santa Claus = San Nicolás
school = escuela
seed = grano, germen
sheep = oveja
shoe = zapato
sister = hermana
snow = nieve
song = canción
squirrel = ardilla
stick = palillo
street = calle
sun = sol
table = mesa, meseta
thing = cosa
time = duración, hora, tiempo
top = cima
toy = juguete
tree = árbol
watch = reloj
water = agua
way = manera
wind = viento
window = ventana
wood = bosque, madera

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