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Resources for PreK - 5th Grade Regular and K-12 Special Education, Literacy

Learning Abilities Books

star button Dolch Sight Words Why and when to teach Dolch words. Use fables, free flash cards, Dolch activities, visual training, practice in word recognition, word search puzzles with no reversals, etc.

star button Toys and Games Dolch Sight Word Games, Toys for Education, Motor Skills, Exercise, and Creativity

star button Lesson Plans Teach right from left. Correct reversals. Teach similarities-differences. Make a novelty book. Use memory strategies to improve vocabulary and spelling. Teach colors. Teach other memory skills.

star button Articles Teach pre-reading skills. Teach literacy for older students. Enjoy resources for phonics and phonology. Help students reduce test anxiety, improve test scores, improve auditory memory and attention span. Understand the whole word approach to reading. Enjoy a Dolch word poem for educators: "I Can't Draw an AT." etc.
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So you'd like to teach phonics?
So you'd like to improve a child's learning abilities with books?
So you'd like to teach the history of Christmas?
So you'd like to say, "Merry Christmas?"
So you'd like to buy a horse for the children?
So you'd like to know why, when, and how to teach Dolch Sight Words?
So you'd like to improve literacy?
So you'd like to help K-3 and older children do better in school?
So you'd like to create a children's book for your children or grandchildren?

star button align= ESL Children's Spanish-English Books, Dolch Sight Words in Spanish (Most Often Used English Words)

13 stars

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  Learning Disabilities
  Motivation and Memory Skills 30% Off
  Visual Impairment 30% Off
  Visual Memory
  Visual Perception / Discrimination

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