Twelve Easy Steps for Successful School Visits by Children's Book Author

Six to Eight Weeks before the Visit   (You might like to print this checklist.)

  1. __ Ask the faculty to visit the website where they can see contact information, excerpts, lessons, reviews, and ordering information.
  2. __ Develop a schedule with the author. A confirmation agreement will be signed by the author and mailed to the school. Schools pay $50 daily plus travel expenses for distances greater than 30 miles. Frances Strong lives in Sumter, SC.
  3. __ Return the confirmation agreement which is signed by the principal.
  4. __ Order books to share with the children. Notice the discount rates which are as high as 15% depending on the quantity ordered. As an additional incentive for parents, they are given the 15% discount even if they order only one book.
  5. __ Make arrangements to have the author's check on the day of the visit.
Three Weeks before the Visit
  1. __ Post announcements about the visit.
  2. __ To increase interest, make the books available to the children. Share a few ideas from the lesson plans which go with the books.
  3. __ Share with the children the author's letter to them.
  4. __ Send home the author's letter to the parents or send your own letter to them. Parents need to have the website address where they can see excerpts, lessons, reviews, ordering information, and the date for returning orders.
  5. __ Post a date for returning orders with payments. Checks are payable to the author.
One Week before the Visit
  1. __ Collect order forms and parents' checks. Parents are welcome to attend.
  2. __ Send an email or call the author to let her know how many books to bring for autographing. A few extra books will be available. If supplies run out, books can be bought and mailed (including the shipping fee). These will be autographed.
Suggested Sources for Funding

Title I
Title VII

PTA Grants
Adopt-a-School Sponsors

District Funding for Arts
State or Local Arts and Humanities Councils
School Improvement Plan (SIP)

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