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Winners of the Learning Abilities Books Award

Mrs. Bonzer's First Grade at Fisher Elementary School, Marshalltown, Iowa
Visit Mrs. Bonzer's First Grade site. It features monthly newsletters, calendar, daily schedule, student work, links, and lots more information for parents, teachers, and anyone interested in first grade. It includes great ideas on the themes and units page. Also visit the Reading pages updates for Guided Reading news and the Balanced Literacy program.

Ada López-Isa's Educational Web at Ben Sheppard Elementary School, Hialeah, Florida
This is a bilingual (English/Spanish) educational website. Its purpose is to help students, parents, and teachers find a safe place on the Internet to practice the skills learned in school. It has links to all areas of the curriculum and links for students, parents, and teachers. It also has information for first grade students.

Miss Powell's Second Grade Class at John R. Beatty Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV
Come look at what they're learning in Miss Powell's second grade class at Beatty Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada! You can see all of the projects and activities the kids have been working so hard on. While you're there make sure you check out the students' web pages. This is where Miss Powell's students showcase their work. Each student's web page is unique and reflects their personality. Drop them an email and let them know what you think!

Mr. Smith – Online at Creek View Elementary School, Alpharetta, Georgia
This website is designed so that we can share what's happening in our classroom with our family and friends. As you explore our site, you can find our daily schedule, read about special events and learning that is taking place, tour our classroom, view cool projects, meet our teacher, and even watch our class movies. We hope that by visiting our classroom website, you will get a better idea of what we do each day. Enjoy your journey! (Third Grade, David Smith)

Mrs. Buller's Site at Resurrection Catholic School, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
This fourth grade site provides students with enrichment and skill-building opportunities in all subject areas needed to be successful in school. Parents stay informed and receive expert advice through tips provided by the Family Education Network. This site promotes greater communication between students, parents, and the classroom teacher.

Garden of Praise Original songs help children learn the spelling rules for adding suffixes; doubling the final consonant, dropping silent e, changing y to i, and forming plurals. Enjoy free sheet music and interactive spelling practice. There is a variety of other helpful information on this site.

Guide to Grammar and Writing Charles Darling, Ph. D. developed the site in 1996 to help his students write reports and research papers. Currently the site has more than 30,000 hits daily. It is well organized offering help with subject-verb agreement, parallel structures, argumentative essays, a way to submit questions to "Grammar English" (picture of Whistler's Mother with a computer in her lap), etc.