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Visual Impairment and Blindness
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Children's Books

Beth's Fella Beth's Fella by Frances D. Strong for Ages 9-12, See Excerpts and Lesson.
Younger children enjoy having the story read to them. Parents and teachers enjoy the story and the meaningful discussions about it especially by using the lesson plan.
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This is an autobiographical story of the author and the horse she raised from a foal. She kept the horse for 33 years as her visual impairment gradually changed from an inconvenience to a handicap. She was a child when she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa and when the foal was born. The reader can develop an understanding of her visual impairment while enjoying many adventures on a farm in the 1950's through 1980's. Students gain insights about how life was different then. The horse (Lucky) from Frances' first book (A Lucky Pair) makes a visit to her farm in Beth's Fella.

A Lucky Pair

A Lucky Pair by Frances D. Strong for Grades 1 - 3, See Excerpts and Lesson.

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In this heartwarming story, the author tells of the close friendship between a visually impaired girl and a Tennessee walking horse which she rescues. It is based on the author's experiences after her retinitis pigmentosa caused her to retire from school teaching. Shortly after that, her father died and her horse which she had owned for 33 years died. She became depressed. Then Lucky came into her life. See a lesson plan to teach practical information about visual impairment and to improve reading vocabulary. Discuss how the child and horse helped each other. Discover why the girl in the story and the horse were truly a lucky pair.

Books for Parents and Other Educators

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