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Educational and psychological memory strategies are the best brain boosters for children and teens along with a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and exercise. Often, a professional diagnosis needs to be made about the specific nature of the challenge to learning.

Books with Rhyming Words improve listening and oral reading.

Digit Reversal Correction 6 Doesn't Mix

Colors Develop memory strategies for learning colors. This works for enrichment or remediation.
An example and the technique are presented in A Purple Cow: How to Learn Colors. 30% discount

Right and Left This memory cue which works even for children who reverse letters. Even in third grade, some children have not learned to begin adding and subtracting in the right column. Many children begin first grade without knowing to begin reading on the left. Both of these problems could from not knowing left from right.

Spelling with Memory Cues Visitors may add to the collection of these time tested methods.

Vocabulary The lesson uses songs to learn by association and repetition. Improvements in vocabulary increase reading comprehension.

Introducing Learning Strategies in K-3 If kids' memories are as great as some claim, why aren't they doing better in school? Patterns of failure, poor study skills, and failure identity can be well established by fourth grade when most study skill instruction begins.
Use with Little Lemon: Activities for Developing Motivation and Memory Skills. 30% discount

Remembering How to RememberApply this in any subject area. Study skills which are a part of the subject being taught are remembered better than ones learned in a separate study skills class. For example, tell students: "This is what you need to learn and here is a good way to remember it."
Use with Little Lemon: Activities for Developing Motivation and Memory Skills. 30% discount

Memory Strategy to Improve Self-control Acceptable and non-acceptable nicknames, memory cues, and self-control are some of the issues addressed in this story. Characters are not identified as having a specific diagnosis. Children with ADD/ADHD or other conditions identify with the situation.
Use with Whoa Wiggle-worm: a Little Lemon Book about an Overly Active Child. 30% discount

Lessons for a Cumulative Tale with Music
a. Improve Memory and Listening Skills
b. Practice Articulation and Oral Reading
c. Develop Reading Comprehension and Writing Skills (Vocabulary, Sequence, and Sentence Construction)
Use with The Buggy That Boogied Away. 30% discount


Literacy & Making Books Improve reading with resources for making your own books at home or in the classroom.

Similarities - Differences Training Reading Readiness and Basic Reading Skills
Letter and Word Reversal Correction
Color recognition helps in learning similarities and differences. See the lesson about learning colors.

Alphabet Books: How to Make Your Own Enrichment, Remediation, Promotion of Literacy, Reading Readiness, and Fun. Use at home or at school. Present it in classroom instruction or individualized instruction including multicultural settings.

Novelty Book with Divided Pages Create these books as an enjoyable way to teach writing, parts of a sentence, and sequence.

Dolch Sight Words

Flash Cards (Free or Ready-made) All of the Dolch words and help with frustrating fonts

Lesson Plans for Dolch Books Use with A Funny Dolch Sight Words Book: #1 Paperback 30% discount, or Ebook
A Funny Dolch Sight Words Book: #2 Paperback 30% discount, or Ebook
A Funny Dolch Sight Words Book: #3 Paperback 30% discount, or Ebook.

Different Endings of Dolch Words: Basic Worksheet and Advanced WorksheetUse with Albert, the Apple Eating Appaloosa Paperback 30% discount, or Ebook

Spanish Dolch Words List of Some Translated Words and Instructions for A Funny Dolch Word Book #1 / Un Libro Cómico #1 de la Palabra de Dolch 30% discount.

Fables Books to Buy, Free Dolch Fables, Lessons, and Worksheets

Word Search Puzzles No words are backward or upside down. All of the letters are lower case.

Dolch Nouns Sentences, Free Stories, and Worksheets

Word Recognition and Mental Images Lesson Plan, Links, Poem: "I Can't Draw an AT" which is for educatiors and it points out that some words can't be pictured.

Visual Impairment

Site of Visually Impaired Author Her books are published by Learning Abilities Books.
These books help in understanding of visual impairment and developing vocabulary.

Lesson #1 is used with A Lucky Pair. 30% discount See excerpts.
The book is about the bond between a visually impaired girl and a horse she rescues.

Lesson #2 is used with Beth’s Fella. 30% discount See excerpts.
This is an autobiographical story about the author and a horse which she raised from a foal. Learn about farm life in the 1950's through the 1980's during the 33 years of her horse's long life. Learn about her adjustments as her handicap moves gradually from mild to severe. Enhance enjoyment of the book by using Guidelines, Background, Questions, and Activities.

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