Lesson Plan about Visual Impairment Based on the Children's Book, A Lucky Pair, by Frances Dinkins Strong. This lesson plan may be reproduced for classroom use only. All other rights are reserved.
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Lesson Plan about Visual Impairment Based on a Children's Book


Main Objective: Students will learn practical information about visual impairment.

  1. Students will learn about the uses of a seeing eye cane.
  2. Students will learn positive aspects about how people function in spite of handicaps.
  3. Students will learn about helping others.
  1. Children will read a short but challenging book.
  2. Children will relate speaking vocabulary to reading vocabulary.
  3. Children will improve reading vocabulary.

The book, A Lucky Pair, by Frances Dinkins Strong
This lesson plan
A seeing eye cane or a picture of one

Procedure for the Main Objective

Show children a seeing eye cane or a picture of one. Ask what it is. Some children have said it looks like a horse whip. There are some similarities in appearance. Talk about the differences in appearance. Tell children that the cane is moved from left to right as the person walks in order to keep from bumping into objects. It can help the person to know if stairs are going up or down. Ask children what else can be learned with a seeing eye cane. (avoiding puddles, walking on the sidewalk instead of the grass, etc.)

Read the story to the children. Then ask questions. You might want to present half of the book on one day and the other half on the next day. The story takes about 20 minutes to read aloud to them.

Procedure for Other Objectives

  1. Tell children you will help them learn to read a short but challenging book.
  2. Without showing the list to the children, make a list of words in each chapter which children might not know.
  3. Talk about the challenging words in each chapter. Talk about using many words in our speaking vocabulary which aren't in our reading vocabulary.
  4. Point out to the children that they can approach the words with more confidence knowing that these are in their speaking vocabularies.
  5. After discussing the words, have them read the book. For some children, you might discuss and read one chapter at a time. Later have them read the 28 page book.


Suggestions for a Brief Discussion
Include these in the longer discussion after finishing the book.

How did Amy help Lucky?

How did Lucky help Amy?

Why were they a lucky pair?

Do you think animals have feelings? Why?

Have you ever cared for a pet?

Have you ever helped someone with a disability?

How can you help someone who doesn't see well?

Suggestions for a Longer Discussion

Chapter 1 Neglected

What was the weather like?

Who was telling the story? How did you know who it was?

Describe the horse at the beginning of the story.

Why was he is such bad condition?

Chapter 2 Tryouts

Who tried him out first?

How did Amy react to her ride?

What did the huge woman do to the horse?

How did Lucky feel when Amy's father said he would buy him?

Chapter 3 The Best Gift

Why was Lucky uneasy about riding in the horse trailer?

How did Amy's sisters feel about Lucky?

What did Johnny and Mr. Hamilton say when the sisters first saw Lucky?

Why did Amy name the horse, Lucky?

What physical problem did Amy have?

What was the best gift of all?

Chapter 4 The Vet's Visit

Why did Lucky roll over in the sand?

What was the cat's name?

What did the vet say about Lucky?

How did Amy react to Lucky's loss of eyesight in one eye?

Chapter 5 Lost

What happened to Lucky when he was let out with Champ and Blaze?

Why did Lucky break out of the pasture?

How did Lucky feel when he was in the dark woods?

What spooky noises did Lucky hear?

How did they find him?

Chapter 6 Friends

How did Amy and Lucky help each other when they went riding?

Why was Johnny afraid to ride Lucky?

Chapter 7 The Good Life

Describe the hose bath.

Why didn't Lucky follow the other horses into the pasture?

Why could Amy not see Lucky on that cold morning?

How did Lucky surprise Amy?

Why do you think they were a lucky pair?

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