Lesson Plans:
for Dolch Sight Word Books

Introduction and Plans for
A Funny Dolch Word Book #1: Stories, Poems, Word Searches
A Funny Dolch Word Book #2: Stories, Poems, Fables, Word Searches
A Funny Dolch Word Book #3: Stories, Fables, Word Searches
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Ninety-five to 100% of the words
in each of these stories and poems are Dolch sight words.


Build a solid foundation of Dolch sight words by helping students quickly recognize Dolch sight words on cards and in unfamiliar text.


There is a need to recognize Dolch words "on sight" or instantly in order for reading to flow smoothly and in order to know words which can't be sounded out correctly. Fifty to 75% or more of the words in all children's books are Dolch words.


Free Dolch flash cards and free Dolch fables online can be timed in short pre-training and post-training sessions to note improvements although a more relaxed, informal assessment is recommended. Especially with younger children, test anxiety can interfere with performance.

Formal testing considers the word failed if it isn't recognized in 4 seconds. If formal testing is done, it is imperative that the child is not aware of successes and failures during testing. Such awareness can negatively influence the outcome. See the article on Testing (Improve Standardized, Multiple-choice Test Scores).


  1. Print the free Dolch flash cards for each level and for the nouns.
  2. Select the words which are introduced in each story from the lists below.
  3. Select the flash cards for the words in the first story. Words in each story are listed on this website page and in each book. Give students time to become comfortable with the words using the flash cards slowly. Afterwards, increase the speed. (It is like learning to walk well before trying to run.)
  4. Practice the selected group of words by creating short sentences with the flash cards.
  5. Let them read aloud the story which introduces the words which have been studied.
  6. Before introducing the next story, have them practice the current story until they read it well.
  7. If the story has a moral, have students tell about it. Ask comprehension questions about stories and poems.
  8. Ask them to compare the situations to things they have seen or done. When you use the two books of fables, remind them that fables were originally created for adults and children.
  9. Let them draw a picture about something in the story. Creativity is encouraged by letting them form their own mental images rather than depend on an illustrator's presentation.
  10. Encourage them to read with feeling. (This might be after the first or second reading.) Let them be dramatic and silly. Share a few laughs.
  11. After success with the first group of words, work on a story which introduces more new words.
  12. After children are familiar with the words, reinforce recognition with the word search puzzles in each book and on this website.

A Funny Dolch Word Book #1: Stories, Poems, Word Searches
Pre-primer, Primer, First Grade

        "My Can"
   New Dolch Words: a, and, big, blue, can, come, find, for, go, help, here, I, in, is, it, jump, little, look, me, my, not, one, play, red, see, the, three, two, we, where, with, yellow, you

        "Three Funny Birds"
   New Dolch Words: away, bird, birds, down, funny, run, said, up, yes

        "One, Two Three"
   New Dolch Word: to

        "Jump Puppy"
   New Dolch Words: at, black, box, brown, but, four, get, good, have, make, on, please, say, she, that, too, white, will

        "Joe, Sam, and Albert"
   New Dolch Words: he, horse, new, pretty, ride, they, want, went, what, who

        "Where is the Cat?"
   New Dolch Words: ate, be, bed, came, cat, did, eat, hat, house, into, no, our, out, ran, there, this, under, well

        "Under the Can"
   New Dolch Words: saw, was
Note: This offers many opportunities for readers to learn to glance at end of each short sentence for clues, e. g. "It was funny" instead of "It saw funny." These opportunities are also in "The Fly."

        "Big Cat, Little Dog"
   New Dolch Words: dog, so, must

        "What am I?"
   New Dolch Words: am, take, book

        "The Fly"
   New Dolch Words: again, by, fly, from, him, just, may, over, stop, then, think, walk

   New Dolch Words: every, how

        "New and Old"
   New Dolch Words: after, all, are, as, day, do, her, know, like, of, old, once, round, were, when

   New Dolch Words: any, ask, could, give, giving, let, live, thank, them

        "The New Red Box"
   New Dolch Words: an, has, his, in, mother, now, open, put, soon

        "What are Dolch Words?"
   No New Pre-primer to First Grade Dolch Words
   New Second Grade Dolch Word: these

A Funny Dolch Word Book #2: Stories, Poems, Fables, Word Searches
Second Grade List Learn in first grade.

        "The Squirrelly Squirrel"
   New Dolch Words: around, chair, does, don't, fast, five, goes, grass, green, its, many, off, pull, right, sing, sit, squirrel, table, tell, tree, very, window, wish, work, would, your

        "The Merry, Merry, Merry-go-round"
   New Dolch Words: first

        "The New Baby"
   New Dolch Words: both, buy, read, sleep, us, wash, write

        "The Cocky Peacock"
   New Dolch Words: always, because, been, call, found, gave, made, those, upon, why

        "The Crow and the Pitcher"
   No new Dolch words are introduced.

        "The Fox and the Stork"
   No new Dolch words are introduced.

        "The Ant and the Grasshopper"
   New Dolch Words: before, best, cold, their, these, use

        "The Frog and the Mouse"
   No new Dolch words are introduced.

        "The Wind and the Sun"
   New Dolch Words: or, which

        "The Old Lion and the Fox"
   No new Dolch words are introduced.

        "The Peacock's Complaint"
   No new Dolch words are introduced.

        "The Bear and the Bees"
   No new Dolch words are introduced.

        "The Lion and the Mouse"
   No new Dolch words are introduced.

A Funny Dolch Word Book #3: Stories, Fables, Word Searches
Third Grade List Learn in first grade.

        "We Make It Rain"
   New Dolch Words: got, grow, hot, laugh, own, small, today

        "That Horse Looks Like a Cat"
   New Dolch Words: better, bring, carry, done, draw, light, much, myself, never, only, pick, warm

        "Breaking a Colt"
   New Dolch Words: cut, eight, full, hold, hurt, if, keep, kind, seven, shall, show, six, ten, try

        "The Ant and the Dove"
   No new Dolch words

        "The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey"
   New Dolch Words: about, drink, fall, far, start, together

        "The Fox and the Goat"
   New Dolch Word: long

        "The Donkey's Shadow"
   No new Dolch Words

        "The Shepherd's Boy"
   New Dolch Word: clean

        "The Boy and the Frogs"
   No new Dolch Words

        "The Wolf and the Lamb"
   No new Dolch Words