What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For Y2K?

1) Research Y2K yourself. (WWW Search, News Services, Library) Study the information, become informed and make your own decision on what YOU believe will happen.

2) Minimal preparations should include the following:

3) If you decide that you need to prepare further than these minimal preparations follow the "Store what you eat-eat what you store" rule. Don't go out and buy a pile of food that you would not eat if no emergency occurs. Store canned foods and dried goods that will last at least for the entire period you are preparing for. Check dated cans and learn the expiration dating codes. Rotate your stores. First in first out. Keep all supplies currant and within expiration dates. Store enough water for the time period you are preparing for. 1 gallon per day per person minimum drinking. 5 gallons per day per person is better.

4) If you are not knowledgeable on preparedness practices or procedure seek help in storing food and water.