The Y2K Bug

What is it?

Where did it come from?

What can it do?

How can I prepare for it?

My personal opinions:

As many of you know I have been into preparedness for many years. Some of you have followed me from local BBS here in South Florida to the SURV_NET to the Internet. In My Humble Opinion Y2K MAY be an exaggeration. I hope that come January 2001 we can all get together and have a good laugh about the big Y2K scare. However, I am still preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. IF I prepare and nothing happens no big deal. IF I do not prepare and it does become a sever problem I am in deep stuff. For this reason I recommend the following:

1) have a supply of water on hand for the amount of time you are preparing for. You can live a few weeks without food, you can't live a week without water. My personal preparations are for a minimum of 2 months that can be stretched for sustained living by adding foraged foods to possibly as long as a year If necessary. So, 5 gallons per day times the number of people I am providing for times the number of days (60) gives the amount of water to have on hand.

2) secure enough food for the amount of time of your preparation for the entire group you are going to be providing for. My supplies and my suggestion to you is to store canned goods (most good for 2 years) of foods that you normally would eat. If you rotate your stores (first in first out) and use up what you have on hand while replacing it then you will have a constant store for coming emergency situations. Much like your mother or grandmother use to do with their pantry. Store what you eat, eat what you store. Rotate, rotate, rotate!!!

3) maintain an on hand supply of cash. Follow secrecy and security rules and keep it unknown.

4) maintain a fuel supply for you vehicles. If you do not have knowledge of proper storage find the information before you use it. As a minimum, keep all of your vehicles gas tanks at least ¾ full during times of possible disaster. During hurricane watches and warnings, during December 99 and January 00.

5) secure an alternate means of communications. Become an amateur radio operator or just get a decent CB radio for you vehicle. CB walky-talkies make a good idea for family members to maintain a close watch of kids and family during times of emergency. Cell phones are good but Y2K may leave them useless, depends on the systems. Handytalkies as mentioned are good BUT require batteries. Secure a supply of these for all your radios and TV's to be used in an emergency. Conserve their use to extend the battery life.

6) arm yourself. I leave it up to you about what to get and how to arm yourself when children are in the picture. BUT it was made evident during Andrew that arms are a necessary evil.

Look at it this way, you don't believe you are going to have a house fire but you buy insurance anyway. This is Y2K insurance. If nothing happens and summer of 00 comes around you can use up your supplies. And when was the last time you got a complete refund when you did not need the insurance? But some of us will be maintaining our "cache" of supplies for some time, rotating out pantry. If a lay off or depression sets in, we will be prepared.