This area is for survival oriented women looking for a like minded male in hopes of finding a significant other to plan for the future with.


I am looking for someone to correspond with concering prepardness issues. I am a 41 year old woman with no children. My e-mail address to use is

e-mail: Looking for a caring, Christian, wilderness skilled man who is committed to survivalist preparation and wants a soul-mate, partner. Prefer not yet married or widowed male. I'm in WA state; a very attractive, not as yet married woman who is 47 - looks, acts in early 30's. Have accomplished some preparation - seeking partner, community to make it all meaningful.



Hi, my name is Deb, i am 43, divorced, have son 13 (great person). I am looking for a group of believers to join with the purpose of finding a place to live and survive. God awakened me a few years ago to this need and believe now is the time to move towards it aggressively.

Sorry Guys, Debbie from Orlando has informed me that she has been married to someone that answered her add.

Vickie Durham <>

I am a 42 year SWF wishing to correspond with men in the military or ex-military. Possible alliance may prove mutually beneficial to both of us. I am college educated in the field of engineering, father was ex-Special Forces, so I understand the military mindset. You are intelligent, honest, and have remarkable insight into the challenges we will be forced to overcome in the near future. Please, only like-minded and serious males respond.