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These personals pages are presented as a place for survival oriented people to meet with others of like minds. There are NO  GUARANTEES that posters are who or what they say they are so take everything with a grain of salt and be very careful not to place yourself in a vulnerable position. (Good words for any survivalist to live by)

David L. Paxton , the Survivalist Homepage, Cybergate, nor any other entity other than the posters and repliers are responsible for any damages or problems incurred from answering any add on these pages. Post AT YOUR OWN RISK and answer AT YOUR OWN RISK. These posts are not screened or in any way investigated, other than assuring that the addresses are viable email addresses at the time of posting.

Those wishing to post messages send the message to the mail link at the bottom of the page. All messages will be posted with a valid email address. Reply to the address, not to Dave. NO ABREVIATIONS, codes, or other gobeldy goop, use plane English.

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